Post Game Quotes: Duke-Detroit

Krzyzewski, Duhon, Redick, and Deng met the media to discuss the season's first game

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

"When I said in the pre-season that we were going to score a lot of points, I said it not thinking that we were going to play against a team that plays defense like Detroit. What a good team they are and were tonight. They fought every position and we had to, too. It was a really good win for us because the team we played tonight was not just well-coached; they had coordinated effort and they can really play defense. Tonight was a game where there weren't very many open shots because even if you beat somebody, somebody was flying at you. It was neat to see -- both teams working so hard defensively."

"I thought we were a little bit nervous to begin with. It shows how we're still young. We missed a couple things early that would get you off of that and it gave them just a little bit more confidence and us a little bit less. The last 30 minutes of the game we played very, very well defensively. The last 30 minutes was outstanding defense by both teams and we had a little bit of firepower. We were able to get in a little bit more to get fouled with our big guys. We kept people in front of us better in the last 12 minutes. To me, that was the story of the game."

"We were in a lot of game situations. I thought (Sean) Dockery gave us a big lift, Shav (Randolph) for those couple of minutes where we really needed it the most. Sometimes you look at a box score and you see a kid gets four or six points, you say he didn't have a good game. But when did he get them? When we were down and we needed some help getting over the hump. It was kind of a strange game, strange team to play in the fact that they have so many guys who can handle the ball so it forced us to be more perimeter-oriented. If we would have imposed our will early, maybe we could have gotten to do our thing. But we didn't and it turned out to be a heck of a game."

"Perry (Watson) has established his program obviously. I know that they're really a good half-court defensive team. We hardly got up a transition basket. We were not able to watch tape of them so we were going into this a little bit cold. But I thought they wouldn't be as good defensively in transition, but they were terrific. Their will to not give up anything easy was there throughout. We got a little bit banged up. I'm sure both teams are exhausted right now. What great intensity for November 22."

"( Chris Duhon ) hit the biggest shot of the game -- the three -- but then that drive was huge, too. I thought Chris was excellent. He had a few turnovers, but we kind of left him out to dry a few times. You could tell by the number of assists by both teams what type of defensive game it was. We had eight and they had 10. But I thought he did a really good job defensively."

"There are times in a game that you win a game that not too many people see. You get a feel for if we score right now and then play defense, we're going to win this game. I wanted to get a rested team. If you don't hit the shot, it doesn't make any difference. But (Duhon) hit a big shot. He hit a huge shot and then we had a good defensive exchange and then we got that margin."

"I thought we handled the end of the clock real well. We got a couple threes. They didn't come here to give up. They were going to play the game throughout. But that put us in some really good end-of-game situations."

"One of the really good things J.J. (Redick) did today once he slowed down was he got fouled using his jump shot as his weapon. The little fake and then the guy gives him the body. It's an easy call if you do it right. He did it and he went to the line. He was 10-for-10. We wanted to get fouled or get a good shot each time down the court and we did that for a while."

"Luol (Deng) I thought played really well. I thought he was a little bit hesitant to shoot when we didn't score for a while. I want him to take some leaners, but that will come. He had to guard everybody."

J.J. Redick

"In the first half we were just playing really nervous, Detroit was playing great, and we really couldn't get anything to fall. We were playing good defense, and we wanted to maintain that and keep playing good D. We knew eventually our shots would fall."

"We scheduled these kind of games last year, and in the first two rounds (of the NCAA Tournament), we played Colorado State and Central Michigan, and it certainly helped us in those games. That's definitely what we're preparing for, knowing that we could definitely see a team like Detroit in the first couple of rounds or even in the third round of the Tournament."

On Luol Deng's composure in the second half

"That's his game. He's going to make a lot of big plays for us this year. Tonight was the first of many games where he's going to make big plays down the stretch."

Luol Deng

"It was my first (regular season) game here. Besides being nervous, I was really excited. Instead of waiting for my game to come, I was just excited to get out there and kind of forced it a little bit. But eventually it did come."

"The coaches just told me to stick with my shot. There were a couple of times where I looked hesitant because I missed a couple of shots. But everybody kept telling me to stick with my shots and they would come. And during that run that we had, they did come."

"Detroit is a lot older than we are, and they've been through a lot. They came out ready to play. Their intesity was great on defense. I thought our intensity was good on defense too, but our offense didn't come until later. Those kind of games are great (preparation) for the NCAA Tournament."

Detroit Head Coach Perry Watson

"First off, I'm so proud of the way my guys competed out there. We know how tough this place is, we know how good the Blue Devils are and about their tradition. Really what it was about for us was making sure we came out here and competed for 40 minutes and executed. I'm just so proud of the way they did that. I thought they defended remarkably well. With that being said, I think we were outscored 36-29 at the free throw line, and that's just tough. That's just tough when you're playing the number two team in the country. I'm really proud of the effort that my guys gave."

"[Keeping our composure early on] was our number one concern. Duke will send that knockout punch early. It's the first game of the season, your kids haven't built a lot of game experience so you've got to avoid that first knockout punch. It's important that we got to the 16-minute mark and hadn't turned the ball over and had executed. Surprisingly, we just carried that on for a long period of time. It was one of our keys, to try and make sure we didn't get that knockout blow against their pressure by turning it over and taking bad shots."

"I think what happened [in the final five minutes] was that most of the time I had three guys out on the floor with four fouls, and even though you tell them, 'We're at this point, keep playing aggressively,' I saw them back off. It could have been that our guard Rulon got hurt at halftime and we thought we would really fatigue at the point. He decided to give it a go and when the adrenaline got going, he was able to play."

On whether Detroit will "sneak up" on other top teams

"I think we dispelled that notion. When we beat Michigan State three times in a row, we can't get a game with them. We can't get a game with Michigan. We beat UCLA, beat UConn at UConn. It's just a testament to the kids I get. I don't get McDonald's All-Americans. I get kids that are coachable and fight for every inch on the floor. I give Coach Krzyzewski credit for giving us an opportunity [to play Duke]. That's life in the mid-majors, scheduling can be pretty tough."

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