McRoberts Sidelined With Injury

Before he even had a chance to play in his first game, future Blue Devil Josh McRoberts has suffered an injury that will keep him on the shelf for a while. The 6-foot-10 Indiana big forward has already gotten a diagnosis, and is eagerly awaiting his return to the court.

"Josh is out for a while," said Tim McRoberts of his son's injury. "Right now he's wearing a brace for 23 hours a day, and resting."

Officially the diagnosis for McRoberts is a pars stress fracture, which has no real "universal" procedure for treating other than rest and utilizing the brace. Indeed, rest and time off from the grind of getting into basketball shape are likely to be the main remedy for the Indiana native's injury, and the McRoberts camp is being careful not to rush a return to the court to prevent re-injury in the future.

"We're not worried about the long term performance issues," said the elder McRoberts. "The doctors have said once the area heals it will actually be stronger than before, so there won't be any ‘nagging' injuries."

One of the first people to speak with Josh about his injury was Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, who likened the injury to that of Carlos Boozer in the 2001 season.

"Coach K was great with Josh. He just told him to remain involved with everything with his team including practices, which Josh had planned to do anyway."

While visiting last weekend McRoberts had a chance to take in the Detroit game in Cameron with his parents. According to one source close to the Duke basketball office, he has begun to fill out his 6-foot-10 frame, now tipping the scales at 228 pounds.

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