SEC/ACC Regional Team Recruiting Rankings

Here is my first look at who is doing what in the SEC/ACC Region. While none of this matters until signing day, here is my first look at the <b>Team Recruiting Rankings</b>.

I have come up with my first set of regional rankings. The regions included are the SEC/ACC region which also included Louisville, Miami, and Virginia Tech. A key for the table headings is below. 

Re-signs from the previous class are not factored into the rankings, but JuCos were. Although Junior College players are weighted based on the years of eligibilty they have. 

The total rank is My Subjective opinion based on player knowledge and the player rankings by

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These rankings will be updated every Wednesday until January. In January, they will be updated daily.

Rank Team Commits Total Stars Avg Star Avg Player Rank
#1 LSU 15 51 3.40 38.07
#2 Miami 11 41 3.73 19.64
#3 Maryland 14 38 2.71 55.23
#4 Georgia 8 29 3.63 23.25
#5 Alabama 11 30 2.73 55.36
#6 Virginia 11 30 2.73 53.90
#7 Arkansas 13 34 2.62 73.77
#8 Tennessee 8 28 3.50 31.63
#9 South Carolina 8 23 2.88 59.38
#10 North Carolina 10 26 2.60 80.89
#11 Auburn 9 22 2.44 67.67
#12 Florida State 5 17 3.40 34.40
#13 Vanderbilt 10 23 2.30 71.30
#14 Georgia Tech 11 25 2.27 83.50
#15 Kentucky 13 28 2.15 83.15
#16 Clemson 10 22 2.20 89.70
#17 Ole Miss 7 17 2.43 75.71
#18 Virginia Tech 6 16 2.67 51.17
#19 Duke 8 16 2.00 115.00
#20 NC State 5 14 2.80 49.50
#21 Wake Forest 6 14 2.33 61.83
#22 Mississippi State 5 11 2.20 118.00
#23 Florida 3 9 3.00 21.67
#24 Louisville 2 4 2.00 87.50

#1 LSU: The Tigers finished with the #1 Class in the Region last year, and Nick Saban and company have picked up right where they left off. This class has excellent balance and is heavy on the big eaters. Several Offensive linemen and Defensive Tackles dot the commitment list. LSU is going to be hard to catch this year in the recruiting races.

Headliner: Glenn Dorsey
Big Fish on the Hook: Early Doucet

#2 Miami: The rich keep getting richer in Coral Gables. This class is a bit top heavy with running backs, but one can never have enough big, fast athletes, and each will have the chance to play early.

Headliner: Charlie Jones
Big Fish on the Hook: Willie Williams

#3 Maryland: The Terrapins may be one of the biggest surprises of the season. Maryland has one of the best coaching staffs in the country, and now they are upgrading the talent level to a championship level.

Headliner: J.J. Justice
Big Fish on the Hook: Derrick Harvey

#4 Georgia: The Bulldogs closed the gates on the Peach State last year, and they are in the process of doing the same again this year. While there are too many good players in the state of Georgia for the Bulldogs to get them all, they have certainly been getting their pick of the litter (no pun intended).

Headliner: Charles Johnson
Big Fish on the Hook: Brandon Miller

#5 Alabama: The Crimson Tide still can't sign a full class, but they are no longer recruiting under the cloud of NCAA sanctions and the Tide is poised to have its best class in several years. 

Headliner: Nikita Stover
Big Fish on the Hook: David Brown

#6 Virginia: No one has questioned Al Groh's ability to bring in talents, and this is another solid Class. Tom Santi was a coup at tight end to pull him out of Tennessee. The best newcomer in this class doesn't count towards the rankings. Philip Brown is the best corner I've seen this year, but he counted on last year's class.

Headliner: Tom Santi
Big Fish on the Hook: Olu Hall

#7 Arkansas: Here's the scary thing about the Hawg class, the four players widely considered the four top prospects in their class are at Hargrave and don't count on this year's rankings. They have an early #7 ranking, and four huge players coming from Hargrave.

Headliner: Fred Barnett
Big Fish on the Hook: Peyton Hillis

#8 Tennessee: The Vols have dipped into the Junior College ranks to pick up some Beef on the offensive and defensve line. No matter how good this class may turn out to be, Tennessee is going to be judged on filling its need at QB.

Headliner: Demonte Bolden
Big Fish on the Hook: Chase Patton

#9 South Carolina: The Gamecocks recruited extremely well the past two years, and they are on the right track again. South Carolina closed with a bang last season and with some of the big fish still on the hook, they are poised to do so again.

Headliner: Jonathan Joseph
Big Fish on the Hook: Leon Hart

#10 North Carolina: North Carolina's class is very similar to Arkansas'. While they have a solid core of players for the class of 2004, they have four absolute studs at Hargrave Military Academy. Arkansas has the offensive line there, and North Carolina has the defensive line. Players like Terry Hunter should make an immediate impact.

Headliner: Martell Thatch
Big Fish on the Hook: Demario Pressley

#11 Auburn: One of the big topics on the Auburn message board has been, how will this administrative mess affect recruiting? Auburn is still on several big time players, so Tommy Tuberville and his staff will have the chance to answer that question.

Headliner: Brad Lester
Big Fish on the Hook: Tony Bell

#12 Florida State: Anyone expect Florida State to finish out of the Top 10 in the Region? I don't. Florida State is taking its time and will close with a bang, just like every year. The commitments that are already in the fold are top notch.

Headliner: Jamaal Edwards
Big Fish on the Hook: Xavier Lee

#13 Vanderbilt: Vanderbilt is short on scholarship numbers, so this is as high as they will likely climb for this class, but this has been a great recruiting effort for the Commodores. They have met their needs at running back, added a big play wide receiver and tight end, and some beef on the offensive line.

Headliner: Brad Allen
Big Fish on the Hook: Lamar Divens

#14 Georgia Tech: Georgia Tech has made more of an effort to commit the home state this year, and it has paid off with some big in state commitments. Tech is a couple of prospects away from breaking through to the next level in recruiting this year.

Headliner: Eric Williams
Big Fish on the Hook: Calvin Johnson

#15 Kentucky: The Wildcats have met their needs at running back and then some this year. Joe Casey is a big bruising back that will help mix with the speed that the cats signed last season. Rafael Little is an athlete that can play running back, receiver, or defensive back.

Headliner: Joe Casey
Big Fish on the Hook: Mario Urrutia

#16 Clemson: The Tigers loaded up on some blue collar prospects early, and with a big finish to the season, Clemson looks like they could add some star power late.

Headliner: Cullen Harper
Big Fish on the Hook: Cory Lambert

#17 Ole Miss: The Rebels just completed their most successful season in years, and recruiting is just starting to heat up. Corey Kizer and Chris Bowers are big time. Most of the top players in Mississippi make their decisions late, and Ole Miss is right there with almost all of them.

#18 Virginia Tech: The Hokies have gotten off to a slow start in overall numbers, but they have some big time talent on the list already. The heir apparent at running back looks to be on the commitment list already.

Headliner: George Bell
Big Fish on the Hook: Eddie Royal

#19 Duke: Ted Roof has recently come into Georgia and picked up some stellar commitments. His most important recruiting job will to be keep running back Justin Boyle. He is currently listed at linebacker, but he will be re-ranked at running back, and his stock has soared with a strong senior season.

Headliner: Justin Boyle
Big Fish on the Hook: Dannell Ellerbe

#20 NC State: NC State is all over the state of Florida this year, and while they aren't long on numbers yet, they have a lot of room to add blue chippers from instate and out. 

Headliner: Gerard Miller
Big Fish on the Hook: Willie Young

#21 Wake Forest: Wake Forest has several scholarships left open and have been one of the most underrated programs on the field and on the recruiting trails in the south the past three years.

Headliner: Jeremy Thompson
Big Fish on the Hook: Marcus Edwards

#22 Mississippi State: The Bulldogs have owned the state of Mississippi the past two years, but this was a slow year with the uncertainty of the coaching situation. Now that Sylvester Croom has been named coach, look for State to begin their ascent up the recruiting charts.

Headliner: Roland Terry
Big Fish on the Hook: Terrell Jackson

#23 Florida: Okay, so the Gators are sitting from next to last on the December list. How long should that last? One week? Two Weeks? Ron Zook and his staff have poised themselves for another monster recruiting season.

Headliner: Markus Manson
Big Fish on the Hook: Xavier Carter

#24 Louisville: The Cardinals are new to the Regional Recruiting rankings, and they haven't even begun to warm up yet. 

Headliner: Maurice Mitchell
Big Fish on the Hook: Brian Brohm


Rank: Current ranking of recruiting classes
Team: Team name in ranking
Commits: Total # of commitments to date
Total *: Total number of stars for verbal commitments, Non-Ranked Players were estimated
Avg *: Average stars per player committed
Avg. Player  Rank: Average player rank for each player at each position. Non Ranked players were estimated. Kickers and Punters were not included in this calculation because the small number of players at the positions skews the rankings.
Headliner: Top Verbal Commitment
Big Fish on the Hook: Top Player on the board that said school has a better than average chance of signing.

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