Top Texas Tight End Likes Duke

These days it seems like academics are taking a back seat to dreams of glory on Sundays for many high school prospects. However one of the west coasts most intriguing prospects wasnt allowed to pursue those dreams until he took care of business in the classroom. Now hes ready to take the next step.

My grades were falling, and my dad took me out of football to get them up, said North Mesquite HS standout tight end Pannel Egboh. Since then Ive turned around and am now in the top flight of my class.

Indeed the 6-foot-5, 240 pounder has taken care of business off the field, raising his grade point average to 3.9, while sporting a recorded 1170 on the SAT, though he recently re-took the exam in hopes of climbing over the 1200 plateau.

While you may think that the year off from football would have hurt his season performance, Egboh seems to excel at defying the norms of big time high school football, finishing with 54 tackles including four sacks, while blocking three field goals for 4-6 North Mesquite High.

Despite his senior year performance, Egboh projects as a tight end at the collegiate level, which could translate into a positive for the Blue Devils down the road.

They really utilize the tight end in their offensive scheme, its the key of their passing game.

Aside from the offensive strategys appeal, Egboh mentions Dukes academic and medical programs at the top of his reasons for listing the Blue Devils as a slight leader over other competitors such as Colorado State, Stanford, Arizona, and Baylor.

Id really like to become a doctor, and I can take steps to achieving that at Duke, said Egboh.

So what will this one come down to?

I want to go to the school that can help me achieve my dreams off the field, but also the one that can help me get to the NFL.

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