Krzyzewski Press Conference Quotes

Before he leads his Blue Devils into a tough week of ACC action, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke with the media on a number of topics. <I></I> was in attendance to get Coach K's take on everything from scheduling to his roster. Read on for the complete story.

Opening Remarks:

Obviously I was pleased with the way we played against Virginia. They played well and the crowd was terrific. We were able to weather the storm throughout the first half and actually have a lead at halftime. I thought they were better than we were in those 20 minutes. The play of Chris Duhon was the turning factor for us; he's been our best player all year long, and I am pleased to see him doing so well.

We've got a difficult week coming up, not just with the teams we play but also with the frequency with which we play. We play at 9:00 PM on Thursday and then turn around and play Wake at 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Thankfully we don't have any big injuries and hopefully we'll be able to go into these games ready to grow,

On Shavlik Randolph becoming more physical:

He's been a good player for us so far. It wasn't known until last year that he had this injury that he had been playing with for the last two years, which caused other injuries. To get that straightened out and add the weight he's been able to add while becoming a better player is really amazing.

When you play with an injury you compensate and change your physical habits you've had for two years. Not just coming back to a reference point, but changing that reference point because you've been doing things differently for two years. He's been able to do that and will continue to become a better and better player over the next couple of years.

On NC State:

They beat us last year. In fact they hammered us pretty good at State, and beat us for most of the championship game in the ACC Tournament. They are just a really good team, and Herb has done a great job over there. His team's going to the NCAAs and he's vying for conference titles each year. They've played in the last two championship games. I think they are one of the most sound teams in the country, and we'll have a very tough game with them Thursday.

On Randolph and Shelden Williams Playing Together:

They are both great kids who aren't threatened by each other. They want the other to do well, and one isn't taking anything away from the other. They are enhancing each other's abilities.

Playing against each other in practice they are getting better. Shavlik is playing against a powerful player who's getting more skilled while Shelden is playing against a skilled player who's getting more powerful. When you have that kind of competition, you'll see both of them making each other better. They've just done a great job for us.

On the quick turnaround between games:

I think coaches would like it if the team they were playing had played the same kind of schedule during the week. Coaches are always looking for what is equal as far as preparation time goes. It's really tough to play the late game Thursday and then an early afternoon game Saturday. It makes it tougher that we have to face two really good teams.

On the strength of the ACC:

I think the conference is equally as good as it's been in the last few years, it's just not as evident to those who haven't watched us as closely over that time.

On the last year of round robin scheduling:

I haven't really thought about it too much. We're concentrating on preparing for our next game. We'll prepare for the change when the time comes though. I guess it'll mean competition will no longer be equal in the league for all teams because some teams will certainly play a much tougher schedule than others depending on the draw and the strength of the teams in the draw.

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