Quotes From Coach K's Press Conference

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski met with the media earlier this week to address a number of issues in the weekly teleconference.

"Our team played well at home last week. In those two games in a short period of time, I thought we handled them very well and our crowd of course helped us tremendously. Now we go back on the road - we've been on the road a lot this year - and hopefully that will help us some. We have two games on the road, at Maryland and then at Georgetown. It's the next week and we've got to get on to the next thing. We came out of the two games in pretty good health; no one has any serious injuries so hopefully we'll be in the same condition on Wednesday night."

How much exchange of ideas do you share with the women's team?

"I think we both pay attention and our big supporters of what each team and coaching staff is doing. We have a great relationship with Gail (Goestenkors) and her staff. During the year you don't exchange ideas - one team is on the road, another team is home - but you exchange encouragement. You encourage one another. The girls on the team and the guys on our team, the men and women, are good friends and attend each other's games. One of the great things is we get along well so as far as sharing facilities - when we're using the weight room, when we're using the court - those things are coordinated every week so that we pay proper attention to each other. We have a great relationship with the women's team and I'm happy about that. I think that all starts with Gail."

On preparing for a team that has a dominant player versus a well-balanced team

"There's a difference in preparing for each team. Obviously if a team has one dominant scorer, you may do a few different things or one different thing. A balanced team is usually the most difficult to defend because you end up not being able to defend off of somebody who doesn't shoot as much. Each game has it's own little game plan without going against your basic principles of how you play defense against everybody. If you start changing too much for each game, you'll kids won't be instinctive. That's still the most important thing is for them to be instinctively aggressive and supportive of one another on the defensive end."

"I think we're both fortunate to have guys who can block shots. Just because you're a big guy, doesn't mean you can block shots. The best shot blocker on Virginia's team is Gary Forbes, who's a wing guard. (Nik) Caner-Medley is an outstanding shot blocker and he's not a big guy. If you have one or two or hopefully more kids who have that ability, it's just a matter of that. We have more of those guys -- especially in Shelden (Williams) -- this year and Gary (Williams) has a few kids who can really block shots."

"(Luol Deng) is blending in very well. I thought he had two great, great games against N.C. State and Wake Forest. Against N.C. State defensively he was on (Marcus) Melvin and did a really good job and against Wake Forest he was on a number of different people, but he also was in more of a help mode. As a result he really did a good job on double-teams and coming over to stop penetration while still getting double-figure points. He had a great week. I think as he feels more and more comfortable, the guys are encouraging him take his shot when it's there - he'll just keep showing improvement. Luol is a very self-motivated person. You're working with him. Pushing him means that he doesn't want to do it. He wants to do it. You're working together to show him how to do it. There's no resistance in Luol. It's just a matter of becoming more and more familiar playing at this level and playing with the kids he's playing with. He's done a terrific job thus far."

On J.J. Redick and Daniel Ewing

"Those two guys are playing great basketball for us. Mainly they're getting in better shape, getting healthier and getting more accustomed to the guys they're playing with."

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