Corey Thompson Nearing Decision

Heading into the home stretch for the recruitment of Atlanta (GA) Douglass standout wide receiver Corey Thompson it appears the Blue Devils have obtained the favorite status in the race for the 6-foot-1 playmaker's services.

After visiting Durham on January 9th for an official visit Corey Thompson returned home and began to sort things out and compare what he had seen in Durham to the other programs. So far he seems to have found the Blue Devils among the best.

"Duke has great academics and it's a great environment too," Thompson told TDD. "It's a nice college atmosphere and a fun town."

As a senior Thompson was the featured wide receiver in the Douglass offense, catching 48 passes for 725 yards and seven touchdowns. While blessed with above average speed, what separates Thompson from other prospects is his athleticism and speed.

As one talent evaluator told TDD:

"This is a fast kid in an extremely fast league. This bodes well for his future success at the college level. The transition for Corey will not be very difficult at all, even in the ACC, which appears to be the top football conference in the country next year with the addition of Miami, Virginia Tech, and eventually Boston College."

One thing the Blue Devils can and have offered Thompson is the opportunity to play in what looks to be a wide-open offense and early playing time. The graduation of Reggie Love and Darryl Scott in 2003, and the future graduation of Chary Sharpe, Senterrio Landrum, and Lance Johnson after the coming season leaves a lot of potential room in the Duke receiving corps.

With playing time and atmosphere already making a huge impact on Thompson, there's the academic opportunities which could end up tilting the scales in Duke's favor.

"It is a goal to go to the pros, but it's not the goal," said Thompson. "It just made me think because they kept throwing the degree in my face, and I like that. "

Another positive the Blue Devils may have in their corner is the positional coach who would be working with him should he choose to attend Duke -- Newly hired receivers coach David Kelly, who has coached at the University of Georgia, LSU, and Georgia Tech. Thompson reported that he is well briefed when it comes to the alumni of Kelly's tutelage including several NFL players such as Josh Reed, Hines Ward, Terrell Davis, Robert Edwards, and Kelly Campbell.

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