Quotes From Coach K's Press Conference

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski met the media on Monday afternoon for his weekly press conference. Read on for the complete recap of Coach K's thoughts and comments.

Opening Remarks:

We had two good road wins last week against Maryland and Georgetown. Maryland played extremely well when there weren't a lot of easy shots for either team. We really did a good job with offensive rebounding; that and a good shooting night by J.J. Redick really saved the day. Duhon in both games continued to be our best player.

This week we have a home game against Florida State, who's obviously playing well and then a short turn around to go on the road to play Georgia Tech, so it's a big week for us.

On Florida State:

Basically they have built on last year. They play good defense, and use a number of people to stay fresh on the defensive end. You don't come back on good offense alone; you have to make stops. In their last two games their defense gave them stops and momentum to where they can execute. They can certainly put points on the board when they need to.

On Tim Pickett:

He just gives them tremendous energy. Everyone talks about his shooting, but it's also his defensive ability. He just gives his team a special energy that spreads to his teammates, and I really admire that about him. He's a really great kid, who's not going to lose because he's nervous.

On Duhon's improvement:

He had a good year last year, but not as good as some of those extremely lofty expectations that were placed on him. This year he knows his teammates better and has really been able to use them.

On What Duhon means for Duke:

Chris just leads our team out there. He's our quickest, and fastest player – he's our best athlete, and now he's playing like that. He really handles the ball well and is a lot of fun to play with because he's going to think pass first when he's out there, but he's also been able to score in double figure points for us this year too.

Defensively he's good on and off the ball, and he uses that quickness on the defensive end to get to loose balls. Against Maryland he got to two offensive rebounds and found JJ on the perimeter for two of his threes on broken plays. That's not the thing that is going to show up on the stat sheet, but it's the kind of ‘winning plays' that he's making a lot this year.

On Duke's Scoring:

If you take out the first few games, we're still scoring over 80 points per game, but we're also playing a lot better defense. If you're going to be really good you have to be able to beat people on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. We've gotten really good balance this season, hopefully with more tilt on the defensive side of the game. Against Maryland we put up enough shots to score over 80, but their defense was really good. They made sure no shots were easy.

On Players Playing Both Football and Basketball in College:

That probably means as kid is really good in one sport and OK in the other. With Reggie Love, he did contribute to our team because we had injuries and he was really strong and athletic, but he didn't have a prominent role. It took away from him developing as a football player.

It's hard because football season lasts so long and if you are a bowl team then the kid misses two or two and half months of practice and season time. It would take an exceptional athlete and student to be able to do that.

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