Krzyzewski : Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski comments on Duke's win over FSU

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski:

"Our captain hit the biggest shot of the year so far. How appropriate for (Chris) Duhon to hit that shot, as well as he's played. I'm really proud of J.J. (Redick). He's sick; that's one of the reasons I was subbing him in and out, to get fluids in him. One thing we forget is that these kids are human. He should be sick more often, I guess, 24 points -- he scored almost half our points."

"If we didn't play a team that was so determined, obviously we would have played better. The other team made us do that, just like we made them do it. We're a little bit worn out. It's been a long, long journey since Alaska to put us in this position. We've got to get rejuvenated before Saturday afternoon. You wouldn't know it unless the other team played so darn hard and they gave us easy things. But because they made us work so hard, you could tell it took a lot out of us. That's to their credit. They were really good, but we were really good, too. We were so good defensively and they were so good defensively. They're deep. They're a really good basketball team and, of course, a confident team after what they've done over the last week. We feel very fortunate to have won. I do think though that we earned the win, that our players earned this win. This is a heck of a win for our basketball team. When the crowd is going and we're up by 20 and cheering J.J.'s threes and all that, everyone thinks those are the best ones. These are the ones that make great years if you can win them and our kids won, obviously with little help from me. I didn't feel like I prepared them. I can do better with them. They're giving me everything and it looks like Leonard's (Hamilton) team is giving him everything, too. I think we both wore each other out except I think they play Savannah State and we play Georgia Tech. I'm not sure if we wouldn't want to swap opponents. No disrespect to Savannah State."

At the end of the shot clock in two-three motion: "We used up the clock, but I think that's when you could tell that we're mentally fatigued. We weren't sharp and we relied on (Chris) Duhon to create some things. That's not what he does; he sets things up and then hits people. We kind of left him hanging a couple of times. They scored a couple times after that and then our defense locked in again. I think throughout the game our half-court offensive execution was not what it has been, but most of that has to do with Florida State. I can tell you those plays would work against somebody else tonight. They just weren't going to work against them and some of their stuff didn't work against us. It was one of those 7-3 football games, thank God we had seven."

On Chris Duhon's three-pointer to give Duke a five-point lead: "We always set up a few options. Again, because we didn't exactly execute what we wanted, Chris was open. He had guts. It was a great shot. He also knew the nature of our team -- Daniel (Ewing) getting hurt and J.J. (Redick) being sick --- Chris knows that and those are his two main guys. When that's not happening we struggle a little bit because we play off those guys. Two kids that saved us tonight were Shavlik (Randolph) and Sean (Dockery). Shavlik was terrific. Shavlik was huge for us tonight. He was our best big guy. That's what we need; we need some different guys to step up and they did."

On whether Chris Duhon would have had the confidence to take the late three-pointer last year:

"I think he would have taken it because it was his duty, not his belief. He believes that he should take that shot instead of that he should take that shot. I think it's a big difference. That's who he's been all year. That's why we've won 17 games and we're 6-0 in the conference, because of that kid. Obviously the other guys have played real well, but if we don't have him, forget it. We would win some, but not be a contender like we are right now."

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