Post Game Quotes: Duhon, Redick, Dockery

Duhon, Redick, and Dockery offer their thoughts on the game

Chris Duhon:

"[Florida State] played amazing tonight, especially on the defensive end. We couldn't find anything in the last eight minutes, no rhythm to getting any scores. Hats off to them. I think we just did a great job on the defensive end of holding them off, not letting them get the lead, and just holding them off until the very end."

"Today they did a great job of scouting. They did a good job of stopping our high ball screen, and we couldn't get into the lane, we couldn't get open shots, and it was just a great defensive effort by them."

On his big three-point bucket late in the game:
"This is my team. This is my senior year, and I just wanted to take the big shot. It was just a regular out of bounds play that we have set up. We were just taking what was there, and I was looking to take the shot the whole time. I'm playing with a lot of confidence right now, and if I didn't have confidence, I wouldn't have even thought about taking that shot. The whole time I was thinking that I wanted to take the shot."

J.J. Redick:

On Chris Duhon's shot
"As soon as he shot it, I knew it was going in. I had a good angle. He's been a big-time player for us this year. It's an ACC game, and that's the biggest shot of the year so far. I knew it was going in. [The out of bounds play] was actually designed for me and Daniel (Ewing). We were supposed to come off either side, and whoever was open was supposed to get it. I was waiting on Shelden's (Williams) screen, and I just see the ball go up. I knew it was going in."

"It seemed like we really couldn't buy any buckets towards the end. They were playing really solid 'D'. They're a tough team to penetrate against because they really collapse, and they weren't really flying at any shooters. We really couldn't get inside their defense; they were playing good halfcourt 'D'."

"I think Florida State is a good defensive team because they don't allow penetration, and they do a good job of collapsing. We didn't shoot well tonight. We've been a pretty successful defensive team all year, and I think our defense was solid again tonight."

"We're positioned really well right now. We've got two road games coming up, and we're certainly not looking ahead to the UNC game - at Georgia Tech is a huge game for us. They're playing well right now. They had a win earlier this week, so we'll probably re-evaluate after next Wednesday."

Sean Dockery:

On his defensive play late in the game:
"I was hungry for the ball. Luol (Deng) switched on a screen, and actually the ball just came to me. I was just so happy that I got the ball. I just felt it after that. When I get going I feel like I'm helping my team. I get excited, and I just want the ball again."

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