Post Game Quotes: K, Redick, Ewing

Mike Krzyzewski, Daniel Ewing, and JJ Redick met the media after Thursday night's win.

Mike Krzyzewski

"Oh what a great game. Man, I'm glad I was a part of it. Win or lose, you got to feel lucky to be a part of that game. What big-time performances by those kids. It is a shame one team had to lose. I mean I am really happy we won, don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic. Being in the game as long as I have been in, when a team plays that well against you, you have immense respect and empathy. I mean McCants, he is a great player. We tried everything to stop him. And how about those two shots by McCants and Williams. Kids don't make those shots, men do. Men were making shots for both teams towards the end of the game, especially in overtime. Felton is about as quick and as good a guard as you can play against. They are the best team we have played against. We had to play really well, of course, to win. Our kids showed great heart. Duhon's play right there at the end will go down as one of the great plays ever. In those situations, we try not to call timeout. I thought Daniel got a good shot. I wish he would have driven instead of taking the jumper, but he still got a good look.

Our big guys did a really good job in the second part of the second half. They just out-rebounded us unbelievably at the start of the second half. I mean, May, how many times do you get 21 rebounds. There were just a lot of great performances tonight. Both teams played at a energy level, I'm not sure there has been a game this year anywhere that matched that level. There are just too many great things going on out there. You are playing defense, and they are playing defense. Then you can't stop them, they can't stop us.

With the heart that they have shown, I am sure that they will come back really strong. Both schools and both sets of fans should be extremely proud of their men tonight."

Was that different from a typical Carolina-Duke game?

"I don't know if there is a typical Carolina-Duke game, you know what I mean. I think you do it an injustice to just say it was a great Duke-North Carolina game. It was just a great game. Although a lot of the Duke-Carolina games have been some of the greatest ever. The intensity level of this, you can't match it.

About Chris Duhon's play

"It is something that he has shown all year. You don't always see it on the play that he does, but it is something he says to somebody or whatever. That is the kind of leadership he has shown all year. We were rewarded because of the mental toughness that Duhon had, he was able to do that. He was down at halftime because he made a bad play to end the half....Not so much that he gave up two free throws, but it was his second foul. Then, he was the guy I wanted to be on McCants, but then all of a sudden he got his third. Maybe last year, I am not sure he would have gotten completely over it. This year he has gotten over everything right away."

Daniel Ewing

On his play late in the game:

"I was just trying to win the game, trying to make the big plays for our team. At the time we were kind of struggling. Fortunately I was able to come off and make some big threes and take shots that the coaches like me to take and I was able to hit them"

On playing at the Smith Center:

"I think the previous games whe've had on the road, Michigan State, prepared us for this type of atmosphere. When we got down we didn't get worried, we just came together more, forgot about the crowd, and that really helped us.

On being undefeated in the conference:

"Yeah, we're 8-0 right now, half way through ACC play. But, we just want to take it as it comes. The second half isn't going to be easy. This wasn't an easy game for us. Everybody is going to come after us now, especially because the first half of the ACC season is over."

J.J. Redick

On the win against the Tar Heels

"It's something to celebrate for a day and we're half way through the conference. But, we have Clemson Sunday and there is no time to rest."

On the Tar Heels play "We knew they were going to be unified tonight. We knew that they are very talented and that they were going to play their best against us. It just happens in every Duke-UNC game. You can throw out the records and who's been on a winning streak or a losing streak. Both teams always show up to play."

On Duke's balance:

"We have great balance. We have six guys scoring between eight and sixteen points a game. We've had different leading scorers just about every night and it seems like everyone is willing to step up and play a leading role."

UNC Head Coach Roy Williams:

Opening Statement

"That was a big-time college basketball game, but I get tired of saying that when we are on the short end. Things were just put into perspective because Coach Holladay just found out his son is not in Iraq any longer. That sort of put things perspective. We have been worried to say the least · Sort of puts things in perspective for me and sort of shows that what we are doing is not really that important. But it is awfully important when we are out there trying. It is awfully important to a fantastic basketball crowd."

On What Could Have Made A Difference In The Game::

"I told the team that we all could point to one or two plays that you could have made that you didn't make that would have made a difference. We had a lot of opportunities early from two or three feet, and we just didn't make the baskets. This was a big-time college basketball game. I'm proud of our team. We got beat by an excellent basketball team that I have a lot of respect for."

On The Defensive Effort:

"I think that I have been critical of our defense. I've been critical of our work ethic. I'm extremely proud of our team tonight. Sean (May) was cramping up and I think he gave us everything he had·.I do think that we played exceptionally hard. "

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