Q&A With Lindsey Harding

The talented sophomore guard sits down with <i>TheDevilsDen.com</i>'s Dave Dixon to discuss this year's edition of the Blue Devils, changes in strategy, and even American Idol. Read on for the complete transcript.

On her half court shot at the buzzer against Tennessee

I was happy I was able to get it off, I wish it would have counted for 7 points and not 3.

On the Sarah P. Duke Gardens

I like nature, I love flowers, I am not into camping or anything but I love how it looks outside, green is my favorite color and the scenery is great.

On her involvement in track and field in high school

In high school I ran every event from a 200 to a mile. My best event was high jump and I was able to jump to 5'8 which is jumping over my self. I enjoyed track a lot. I loved the track meets. As I got older I didn't have the heart for track like I do for basketball

On what needs to happen in order for this team to win a National Championship

I think we have to keep our confidence. We are going to lose some games and play terrible some games. We need to stay confident and in control of the game and of our pace. We need to know when and when not to attack. Once we master that we will be great.

On the Duke Women's team's press late in games

I don't want to say our press against UConn was a panic press. However, it was with the mentality that we can not lose and we were running out of time and we had to go for every steal possible when we know at the beginning of a game we could never do that because the opponent would work it out and score easily. We actually ran that press pretty well. It is really not you go here and I go there. It is more like filling in gaps.

On the press helping the up-tempo game

We like to get our offense started from our defense. When we get a steal it is a lay-up.

On the difference between her home in Houston, TX and living in Durham, NC

I miss the heat. It is only a little cold in December and January there. You can wear short sleeves this time of year there.

What other schools did you look at when considering colleges?

Texas and Kansas State

On attending Men's games at Cameron?

We decided as a team we are going to all go to a game and dress like the Cameron Crazies. We are all going to paint ourselves blue and get wild at some point before we graduate.

On the immediate large amount of playing time as a freshman

I didn't expect to play as much as I did. Coach put me right in their mainly for my defense. I didn't make it too big of a deal. My whole team had confidence in me. I was comfortable in the Final Four.

On her dash down the floor to beat UCONN

I was looking for a lay up. We run situations like that in practice and we have rehearsed those before. I push it up the floor in practice and I usually take it in for a lay up. I was pushing it hard and I remember seeing someone in the black to the right of me and I passed it to them. When I saw it was Jess I knew it was going in because she is so confident.

On women's sports

I think women's sports get over looked by men's sports too often. Men deserve the credit they receive, but it is a shame it took a game like us against UCONN to get the attention our sport deserves.

What reality show would you like to be on?

I would like to be on American Idol. I love that show. I make it a point to never miss it. I want to be on the show.

So you mean you sing well then?

No, but I would like to be on that show just to be on it.

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