Post Game Quotes: Homer Drew

Valparaiso head coach Homer Drew met the media after the game.

Valparaiso Head Coach Homer Drew

"I think we were as cold as that snow outside shooting in the first 10 minutes and I thought Duke was extremely hot. I think the difference in the game happened too early on us. They went 10 for 11 in three-point shooting in a span where they really just dominated us. If they could have been just human for awhile and missed some of those, it would have helped us stay a little bit closer, which would have helped with our confidence. With nine freshmen and sophomores, we knew confidence was going to be a factor. With Duke hitting all of those threes, it really hurt us early."

"I think you have to compliment Duke on two things. One is that they just shot the ball extremely well. Second thing is their defense. I've always admired Mike [Krzyzewski]'s defense from afar, and today I got to admire it too close. They really did a wonderful job defending us and not giving us easy looks or baskets."

"As much as we're disappointed that we didn't play better and make it a closer game, I was very pleased because it will help us. Our young players-we have not been able to play 40 minutes hard. This is really going to help us because now they've seen what it's like to see a team play 40 minutes of intense defense. This is what we're striving for with our young basketball team. This really helps us become a better basketball team tonight. I think it will help rededicate some of our freshmen and sophomores to see how hard they need to continue to improve their game. We've got two games to go before our conference tournament, so I'm really anxious to see how our team responds to this."

On Duke's three-point shooting

"It was lights out. We were hoping the lights might go out, maybe with the snow. By our calculations, it was 10 for 11 [actually 7-of-10] to start out with on the three-point shooting. The interesting thing was that there were some people who really don't shoot the ball maybe statistically well from the three-point line, they all hit. It became like osmosis. Two or three started to hit, then everybody started to hit and it just mushroomed on us. Then I really enjoyed 10 minutes in the second half when we kind of snuck back a little bit and then Duke hit two quick threes and it was over again. Duke's three-point shooting was devastating to us. We obviously had seen the tape and knew Duke could do that, we were more concerned with the quickness and the penetration, so we were really focused more on that."

On defensive strategy

"We tried to change it up, we started man, then we went one zone, then we went to another zone just to try to slow the tempo down. We wanted to control the tempo, where they would not get easy run-out layups and dunks. The transition points just killed us. We would turn the ball over and they would have easy baskets down at the other side or that three-point shooting. When they fast break, they really man the three-point line nicely and they really stroked the ball beautifully tonight. We tried, for tempo purposes, to use a variety of defenses early, none of which worked very well."

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