Post Game Quotes: K, Randolph, Ewing, Deng

Mike Krzyzewski, Shavlik Randolph, Luol Deng, and Dan Ewing met the media.

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

"I'm really pleased with the effort of our team. I thought we handled things as a mature basketball team tonight. We certainly respect Valpo. They're extremely well coached. Homer's kids - they're a real good basketball team right now. I would think that they've got a great shot at winning their conference and being an NCAA team. They're deep. I think the fact that they're getting [Ron] Howard back, the way [Jimmie] Miles played today, along with the other kids - they're a good team. I thought we played very good defensively against them and we were ready to play. We handled it properly and we played well and we won. We got double figure minutes for nine guys. We're healthy and we're ready to go to Florida." "Most people haven't played us zone because we can shoot. That's what happened in the first half; I think we hit 10 threes against a zone. I wouldn't say we're ... a three-point shooting team, but if you're going to give it to us, we're going to shoot them and I think we can make a pretty good percentage of them."

"No one talks about Luol [Deng], but all he does is get 18 and eight ... It's like he's been here for four years; you take for granted the fact that he almost hits a double-double every game. And he didn't play that many minutes tonight... The kid's been there every game. He's been one of the really good players in the conference."

"We're in hard-fought games every night in our conference because everybody comes at us. Not every team in the conference is in that... Hopefully if you don't get worn down it makes you tougher and puts you in a lot of game situations because you're getting the best shot from people, their fans, and I think over the years it's made us better." "During February we try to make adjustments that we think will be beneficial to us during March. It might cause a little problem when you're putting it in, but you've got to be able to do that in game conditions. They're not put in frivolously. There's a reason to do it, and as a result of what we're doing, I think we're getting a little deeper, getting accustomed to one another. I think our kids are still improving and that can happen in these next couple of weeks."

On Florida State

"They're good. They gave us a hard-fought game here. Chris [Duhon] hit a big shot. We couldn't score against them for a number of minutes. They had a hard time scoring against us. The thing Florida State does the best is play defense. Now they're in a position, it'll be their senior night. Although I think they should be an NCAA team no matter what, if I'm sitting where Leonard [Hamilton] is at, I want to win my last two games just to make sure of it. They're going to be hungry, but if they had one the last couple games, they were going to be hungry because that's the way they've played the entire year."

Shavlik Randolph

On Duke's hot shooting early in the first half

"You see a couple of shots go down, and the basket starts to get a little bigger. When we passed the ball well, we got some open looks, and we hit them. That's what we want to do. We're a team that has a lot of good shooters on it. If Shelden and I are stepping out and hitting three's, that's tough to defend. We have guys that can hit a high percentage of three's night in and night out, so that's a big strength for us."

"We're the type of team that, if we're up by 30 or 40, we're looking to get better. We're not trying to develop bad habits if we've got a big lead. Our season's not even close to over yet - the most important part is coming, and we're still trying to get better."

"Valpo is definitely a team that's traditionally been in the (NCAA) Tournament every year and has traditionally been a Cinderella team that's upset a lot of teams, and those are the type of teams that we could face in the first couple rounds of the Tournament. It's just preparation."

Luol Deng

"We just wanted to build on the defense that we played against Maryland, and that's something that we said before the Maryland game that we kind of forgot about a little bit. So tonight we just wanted to come out and build on that defense. We know that we might be more talented than Valparaiso, but in the past they've been a great team, and they've been able to upset a lot of teams."

"With a team like Valparaiso and Coach (Kryzewski) saying it was going to be like the (NCAA) Tournament, that kind of got us focused because we know what our goals are. We just wanted to focus on tonight's game like it was a Tournament game. We really focused a lot on defense; we didn't go over offense a lot getting ready for Valparaiso. Our big guys were hitting shots, and it just seemed like everything was going in.` It makes you want to play defense even more."

On the upcoming game at Florida State

"We have to get ready for them. They played us a close game last time. It's back to the conference games, and we have to come bakc and play defense again. It's going to be a tough game down there - we know that - but we're going to get prepared and be ready for them."

Daniel Ewing

"In the first half, I had some really good looks, some really wide-open looks. I haven't really seen a zone (defense) since I left high school. That was their gameplan, to try and make other guys hit some shots, and fortunately we had guys step up and hit some shots. I don't think they were confident enough playing man-to-man. With guys posting up down low, we had a size advantage. We played great tonight. Guys stepped up and played the way we're supposed to play. We attacked it with the right mindset and had a good outcome."

On playing at Florda State

"My first two years, we really haven't been the team going down there that deserved to win. Give them credit - they played well against us in those games, but last year we kind of shot ourselves in the foot a little bit. But we're going to go down there this week and attack it."

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