Post Game Quotes: Duhon, Ewing, and K

Coach Krzyzewski, Daniel Ewing, and Chris Duhon met the media following the loss to Tech

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

"Georgia Tech played their butts off. They were deserving. We could never match that intensity for 40 minutes. I think at certain times we did, but we couldn't sustain it. We tied it, but we couldn't get the lead, and that's to their credit. Today is the day they beat us, and they deserved it. We've got to learn from it and get better. They're an outstanding basketball team. They just came in here and outplayed us."

On not being able to take the lead

"That's one of those things where you're just expending so much energy. You get to a point and they're just better than you on those exchanges, and it's to their credit. It's not like we weren't trying, but they didn't succumb to any type of pressure at that time. Really, they just did the opposite; they were at their best during that time and that's why they deserved to win."

"Every game we've played in conference or against higher level opponents, we have always gotten a high level of intensity from the other team. Always. I'm not sure if that's the way it is everywhere, but for us it is... We tied for the lead and there's just that little part of you saying 'Maybe they won't show up to play.' I'm not saying that's the case, but we didn't have our edge early."

"We tried like crazy in the second half to win this basketball game, but this game had to be won over a 40 minute period. And the team that played the best won. I'm okay with that. There's no tears here."

Chris Duhon

"They just wanted it more than us today. I hurts to say that. We were playing for an outright championship of the ACC, and for us to come in and let another team want it more than us is just sickening. You can't even say anything about that. It is[hard to believe], especially a team with so much potential and the caliber of players we have. We should've come out here, on our home court, and just be maniacs. Instead we let our coach be a maniac, and we didn't respond to him, and we got what we deserved."

"We're playing for a championship. For guys not to go out there and give it all they have - there's no excuse for that."

"That's the beauty of playing in the ACC. You have a tough loss, and then you play another tough team right after it. If we give the same effort we gave tonight, we're going to get embarrassed again."

"It's real frustrating, knowing that that's what Duke basketball is all about - getting loose balls, guys diving on the floor, getting to those balls. It's all about desire and all about want, and they wanted it more."

Daniel Ewing

"Today could've been a great day for us to be crowned ACC champions of the regular season, and we just didn't respond the way we should have to be playing for a championship title. We didn't give a championship effort tonight."

"Georgia Tech came in and had a great gameplan to attack us and be physical, and we never overcame that whole aspect of the game, and unfortunately, we got a loss tonight. The whole night they were just attacking us, and we really had no answer for what they were doing on the offensive end."

"We have a big game coming up Saturday against Carolina, and if we want to be ACC champions of the regular season, we have to respond a lot better than that. We need to bring our A-plus game on Saturday or else we might have another outcome like this."

Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Hewitt

"First, this is a very good win for our guys, in particular, our seniors, to play a team as quality as Duke. We had them down and they forced a couple of turnovers at the end and started to make a run back at us. For our guys to maintain and hold on and steady themselves, that says a lot about how far a lot of these players have come. To come in this building and play the way they did, I can't tell you how proud I am and happy I am for them. I've been lucky to coach some good players, and I've been involved in some pretty decent games, but I don't think I've ever been happier for a group of players than this game. We've come into this building the last three years and walked out of here feeling pretty low. We were beaten soundly by some outstanding Duke teams. This is another outstanding Duke team this year, and for our guys to come in here and play the way they did, it's a nice moment for those players."

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