Quotes: Coach K on UNC-Duke

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski met with the media prior to discuss Duke-North Carolina.

Mike Krzyzewski

"I just want to publicly congratulate our players on winning the ACC regular season. I think it's especially significant in it being the last year that it will be as equitable it will be as far as a champion is concerned, because there's no way you'll be able to figure it out after [expansion]. I'm proud of our guys for this whole year. They've been very consistent and they've worked hard. That's a really good accomplishment, now we've got to go on to better things."

On the meaning of the North Carolina game:

"I think for both teams it gives us the chance to play the highest-level game media-wise, so-called excitement-wise, exposure-wise, before going into the NCAA Tournament. This game is actually bigger [exposure-wise] than the ACC Tournament. We've won the ACC Tournament and the thing that's in the headlines afterwards is who's selected [for the NCAA Tournament]. It gives us a chance to play a regional championship or Final Four atmosphere game before going into the tournament. It's kind of like a scrimmage for that. I think the exposure for all these kids is terrific."

"I really respect North Carolina. North Carolina and Duke have been two of the great, great programs in college basketball and have put their footprints on college basketball in a very appropriate manner. When we play North Carolina, there's a great deal of respect on my part for the past, present and the future because you know that it's going to continue, and I think we're going to continue. I think that's good."

On the fun of the Duke-North Carolina rivalry:

"This is a great thing for the way college athletics should be viewed as. When it was at North Carolina a month ago, you could sense an excitement in the air. It brought their whole community together. We're driving to the game and we see traffic signs that say 'Beat Duke' and all that kind of stuff. I'd never seen that before. It's the same thing for us. It brings your community together in a very positive way. I love that. These kids who play for both teams, it becomes part of them for life, by being in these games."

"It always is [emotional] on Senior Day. We have a couple of walk-ons, but one of them's my nephew, Andy Borman, who I'm very very close to. Nick Horvath, whose class already has graduated last year, has an amazing commitment to our program. [Chris] Duhon has been a special guy for me. To see him develop and have his best year now as a senior and develop into the leader that he is-it'll be a happy/sad type of thing. You're happy you had him, you're sad to see this be the ending, at least at home. Hopefully he'll play well and we'll play well to end it for him."

On Rashad McCants:

"He's been terrific. He's been as good as anyone in these last few weeks. He has an air about him that's just so good. He's confident. He's a big-time player, not just in his conference, he's really as good as anyone in the country, I think. I'm really impressed with the way he's just asserted himself. He wants the ball; sometimes the ball just comes to him. Sometimes that just happens with really good players."

On the Duke-North Carolina rivalry:

"I think it will always be great. That's why I think it transcends players and coaches. The first game [this season] a lot of people wanted to make it me against Roy [Williams], Roy against me. We're just driving the buses right now. Whoever sits in our chairs will probably be looked upon a little bit better than who we are, because we're actually coaching one of those teams. I think it will go on forever, because I think these two programs have the capability of doing that."

"Last game, Sean May had an incredible game, with 20-something rebounds. Arguably the two kids who performed the best in that game were Shelden [Williams] and Sean. I think they're two of the best big guys in the country. That match-up tomorrow night is a big one for this basketball game. Last game, they both stayed out of foul trouble, they were able to play. Does one of them get into foul trouble tomorrow night? That'll have an impact on the game, if one of them does, whichever one it is."

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