Quotes: Coach G, Tillis, Beard, UNC

Post game quotes from both Duke and UNC after the Blue Devils' 16 point win in the title game.

Gail Goestenkors

Opening Remarks:

That was a great win for our program. I'm very happy for the three seniors in particular. Before the game we said we wanted to make this like senior night for them because we feel like this is our home away from home. This was their last opportunity to win in Greensboro. We wanted them to go out undefeated. We played like it was senior night. I am very proud of the entire team. I felt like our defense was the best it has been all year long. I don't know if we've ever played defense like that for forty minutes in the history of our program.

I'm really proud of Mistie Bass. I think she did a tremendous job posting up and calling for the ball. Our perimeter players did a great job getting her the ball. She was hitting lay-ups on the inside. I thought our team did a really great job looking for her down low.

Iciss Tillis

On the technical foul in the second half
We were playing good defense and when that technical was called, we really pulled together as a team and got fired up. We knew that we could really have an advantage with that call. We knew we had to really play our game.

Vicki Krapohl

We knew that they would make runs throughout the game. We just counted on our defense to make stops. Every time they went on a run, we went on a run of our own because we knew our defense would make stops.

Alana Beard

I don't think I saw anything different from their defense tonight. I have been seeing that all year. They are a physical team. Any time we play UNC we get ready for a physical game.

Ivory Latta is a talented player. She had a nice cross over at the end of the half, but we countered back. I had the opportunity to redeem myself with a block in the second half.

UNC Head Coach Sylvia Hatchell

Opening remarks

Well, Duke's a great team. They showed it out there today. They were much tougher than us, by that I mean more physical. I thought it was an extremely physical game from the very beginning and that was in their favor, not ours.

We will just learn from it and move on. We know we are going to get an NCAA bid and we are just going to keep trying to get better and learn from today. Duke is a great team and we wish them a lot of luck.

On the difference in the game

The inside play. We were getting it in there, but we didn't make shots and we weren't getting on the foul line. I thought we were getting it in there pretty good, but it was the physical play inside.

They matched-up with us really good. They were on us and they were getting some fast break points. We seemed a little bit fatigued at times, but that's just an excuse. I just think they were tougher out there than we were today.

On Duke's defensive effort against Ivory Latta

Ivory's young, she's still learning. She will watch this and she will learn from it and make better decisions.

Candace Sutton

On Duke dictating the pace of the game

I think in today's game, they just had a lot of fast break points. That was one of the things we couldn't stop; their fast breaks.

Ivory Latta

On her offensive struggles

I am just going to put this game behind me and get ready for the NCAA Tournament.

Camille Little

On Duke's defensive effort against her compared to N.C. State's in the semifinals
I just think they were more physical than State. We didn't get on the free throw line like coach said and I think that was the big factor in the game.

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