Pre Game Quotes: K, Ewing, Williams

Daniel Ewing, Shelden Williams, and Coach K met the media Wednesday to discuss Thursday's match up with Alabama State.

Mike Krzyzewski

On potential future tournament opponents:

"I will not comment on who our potential opponents may be. Our only focus is Alabama State University. We respect everything about them."

On entering the tournament coming off a loss:

"We feel that it is easier to come off a loss than a win. Teams tend to hold onto wins more than losses."

Daniel Ewing

On his hand injury:

"It's pretty good. It's not causing me any pain. I should be able to play through it throughout the rest of the season."

On the leadership and play of Chris Duhon this year compared to last year:

"His leadership has been a great impact on our team. I think without him we wouldn't be the team that we are right now. The difference between his performance this year and what he did last year, I think he's allowed his teammates to help him out a lot more as opposed to last year when he put a lot of pressure on himself to be that leader and be that player for us. That really wore him out. But this year, he's having a lot of fun, and he's just allowing us to help him. He's been a great player for us."

On Chris Duhon's status for the first-round game:

"He's day-to-day. I think it will be a game-time decision on whether he plays or not. We don't' really know for sure if he's going to play or not. If he doesn't play, we've got guys who can step up."

Shelden Williams

On playing close to home:

"Playing close to home we know we are going to have a great amount of fan support and a great fan base. If we are able to go throughout the tournament we might not have that, so it's good to have it early. Hopefully we'll be able to take advantage of it and get this thing rolling."

On his name being misspelled and clarification of the correct spelling of his name:

"I've been getting that ever since I started school. I've seen it spelled D-O-N, T-O-N, T-E-N. I mean, I get that all the time. For the record, my name is Shel-DEN. I'm used to it. I've had people calling me that all the time. I'm used to it."

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