Pre Game Quotes: Alabama State

The Hornet coach and two players met the media Wednesday to discuss Thursday's match up with the Blue Devils.

Alabama State Coach Rob Spivery

On being back in the tournament:

"It is a pleasure for us to be here in our second NCAA tournament. The fact that we won our conference tournament and ended up winning thirteen of our last fifteen ballgames, including our last six in a row. I believe that we enter this tournament playing with a lot of confidence and we are ready for a big challenge that is facing us in Duke."

On keeping his players from being intimidated:

"We really haven't done anything as a coaching staff. I think players these days want to play against the very best and you'll find players like Malcolm Campbell and Xavier Oliver, and these guys think that they should be playing in programs such as Duke, Michigan, and Kentucky. So they welcome the challenge to face players that they see on television all the time."

On getting off to a good start against Duke:

"Anytime you face a good team like Duke the game can be over before it gets started because they can get out on an early run and then you're fighting an uphill battle. It's important that we score some baskets early to gain some confidence and just to stay close. If we can do that then we can be competitive in the ballgame."

Malcolm Campbell

On his NCAA Tournament experience:

"The first time I was just a freshman coming in and playing against Michigan State, the defending champions, so I just tried to soak up that atmosphere. It was a great year that year coming to the tournament, just like it is now, and I'm just ready for it."

On what it would take to beat Duke:

"We just have to come out there and play our game. Anybody can lose on any given night, on any given day. They're a team just like we're a team. We didn't come here just to lose and play Duke or see Coach K [Krzyzewski], we came here to play our game."

Xavier Oliver:

On having a chance to beat Duke:

"We have a chance for many reasons. First of all, I think defensively when we're playing well we give ourselves a great chance. If we capitalize on each possession, that's another reason we have a good chance. Basically, it comes down to just playing ball like we know we're capable of doing."

On being the chances of being star-struck against Duke:

"If I can recall, all of us, we're all NCAA athletes. I consider you a star when you're getting paid, so as far as I'm concerned we're all on the same level of play.

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