Post Game Quotes: Duke-Alabama St

Coach K, Daniel Ewing, and ASU respond to Duke's big opening round victory.

Mike Krzyzewski

On Redick's lack of shots in the first half:

"We not only talked to JJ we talked to our team. We didn't become the number one seed and win a regular season championship without him shooting. You need to keep shooting and stop putting so much pressure on yourself."

On anxiety of the first round:

"I think we were trying to conquer the world in the first half. You need to have fun too. They have been under a lot of pressure all year and finally in the second half they settled down and played basketball."

On playing a 16 seed:

"We really prepare for it like any other game because if we didn't then our players would get the message that they can be less than any other game. We respect our opponent and while doing that we respect ourselves. I thought our kids were ready to play and not looking beyond."

On pressing:

"Pressing was so we wouldn't be lethargic and so that we would have energy. They are pretty good shooter and all of a sudden crazy things can happen. We didn't want anything crazy to happen we wanted to win and we did things in the game we were suppose to do."

Daniel Ewing

On the Duhon injury and Redick performance:

"I didn't feel that I had to be the offensive presence on the team tonight. I took what was given to me, had open looks, took my shot, and just tried to make plays."

Alabama State Coach Rob Spivery

"I am proud of our basketball players effort tonight. We tried to hang in and play against a team as talented as Duke. Duke did what they needed to do. They pressured us and forced turnovers and made their shots."

"They are so big, strong and quick that they disrupted our play and what we wanted to do. The way they played us was more than what we are use to, but I am proud of our team and our accomplishments this season."

"It is extremely tough to compete (in all aspects of athletics) against a team or a program of Duke's level. This is a program that pretty much has any resources available to them that they need."

Malcolm Campbell

On being intimidated by Duke:

"I wasn't intimidated from the jump. Those guys have great tradition. Coach K has coached those guys very well. We were just rattled at the beginning."

Xavier Oliver

On being intimidated by Duke:

"I didn't feel any intimidation. They were a much larger team physically, but as far as being intimidated because of them just being Duke - No. I think we played into their hands a little earlier, and didn't capitalize on a lot of our offensive possessions which made it a little difficult for us early on. But as far as being intimidated, No. Not at any point."

On making mistakes early on:

"We had a lot of turnovers. One right after another. It seemed like their pressure picked up and we never responded to it."

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