Post Game Quotes: Coach K

Mike Krzyzewski met the media after Duke's big second round victory.

On The Game:

"I thought our kids played great this afternoon. I think Duhon had one of those courageous performances. He led us so well and I think because he is out there that these kids picked it up. We were fortunate that Seton Hall had the late game on Thursday. They beat an outstanding Arizona team and that had to take something out of them. We understood that coming into the game. We wanted to run the ball more even though Chris was injured. We still wanted him to push the ball upcourt and we wanted to set a quicker pace. They were at a disadvantage there is no question about that. I thought our defense was good. We rebounded the ball better than we have in six weeks."  

  On Former Duke Player And Current Seton Hall Player Andre Sweet:

"He is a great kid and you just can't get the city out of him. He came down to Duke and he is real close to his family. I would love to have Andre Sweet on our team. He was part of our national championship team. He's maintained a friendship with the guys in our program."

On Duke's 15-4 Run:

"When we got that lead there was a set that we were running that they just couldn't defend. We used Vince Lombardi's approach just keep 'em going over the left tackle. We got to the last minute of the first half and we used a two for one and we outscored them 5-0 and that gave us momentum and then we started out right in the second half."

On Stopping Andre Barrett:

"That was a huge part of our game preparation. I think it was a combination of Chris then Sean but also our big guys stepping in so he couldn't turn the corner. Again, I'll say what I said yesterdy, he's one of the top 10 players in the country. For him not to score in the first half that gave us a big boost."

On J.J. Redick Shooting Better And Finding His Rhythm:

"We let him know that he didn't have anything to make up for because we lost a game. We had a 10-minute team meeting during half time. It was just a focus on telling J.J. how much we believed in him. It was more his teammates than me."

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