Post Game Quotes: Redick and Ewing

Daniel Ewing and J.J. Redick met the media following Duke's big win over Seton Hall.

Daniel Ewing

On How The Team Performs When Redick Is Shooting Well:

"It really makes a difference. Today he picked us up and carried us through the first half, especially when i was in foul trouble. When he's out there performing it makes the other team have to respect everyone on the court. It opens up a lot of things for our offense, especially if he is hitting a couple in a row. We pretty much know that if he gets on a streak, we are going to go back to him and see if he can keep it going."

On The Defensive Aim Against Seton Hall And Andre Barrett:

"I though we, and Chris (Duhon) especially, did a great job defending Andre Barrett. Our focus was to try and control him as much as we could and try to keep him out of the paint. We didn't want to give him any open looks and I think we did a pretty good job of that. It really affected the way the whole team played."

On Winning By 30 Points:

"I wouldn't say it came easy because it was a tough game despite the score. I think our coaching staff did a great job of preparing us for what Seton Hall likes to do. As a team, we did a great job of listening and following the game plan."

J.J. Redick

On His Game Performance Lately:

"I think it was a dip in my mental edge and my confidence was down a little bit."

On Psyching Himself Out In The Weeks Prior To The Tournament:

"I really think I stopped at half time of the Alabama State game. I moved on from everything that had happened in the past week or so. We all talked as a team. My teammates and coaches let me know they were all behind me and for me to just forget everything; and I did."

On Having The First Shot Of The Game Going In:

"I'm a rhythm player. If I can hit my first shot and start out in a good rhythm right away, then I am usually going to be successful for the rest of the game."

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