TDD Q&A Session: Casey Hales

Duke got an unexpected addition to the roster in 2004 when Corona del Mar High long snapper Casey Hales picked the Blue Devils after signing day. <I></I> caught up with the newest member of the Duke program for a candid Q&A session.

What are some key stats or measurements for you? How do you measure your efficiency as a long-snapper?

The way you measure the snapping time is by using a stop watch -- a coach starts the clock on my first movement, then stops the clock when the ball hits the punters hands. My numbers are: Snap 15-yards consistently at .72.

Which schools were you considering?

Duke, UCLA, Ohio, Texas, USC.

Which offered? Duke, UCLA, Texas, and Ohio.

What, ultimately, was the deciding factor for attending Duke?

The coaching staff, the players, the beautiful campus, the great facilities, but ultimately it was the education I knew I was going to receive.

Have you visited?


What does getting a scholarship mean for you?

I cannot describe in words how gratifying it was to shake Coach Roof's hand and accept the scholarship. That was the most gratifying moment in my life and it was because of all the hard work I put into it.

To your family?

My family was extremely happy for me. To my mom, it was a dream come true as I am the youngest of five children and she was very exited for me to be attending one of the nation's finest universities.

What was your reaction?

I was excited knowing that all of my hard work had been rewarded. Your coach's?

All my coaches were very exited, but none happier than my snapping coach Chris Rubio.

You've obviously had a chance to meet or talk with Coach Roof. What kind of impression did he make on you?

He is a tremendous individual, a real family man, somebody I see myself looking up to, and he made me feel right at home during my visit to Duke. I can't say enough good things about him. He is the man.

What do you think of him so far as the head coach at Duke?

From the little I know about him as the head coach, I can say that he is turning the program around in the right direction. I know he has brought in several new coaches this off season and that makes me very excited, knowing he is doing everything he can to make this the best program in the nation.

Have you been told of your role as a freshman?

I was told my role would be the deep snapper on punts this season.

What would you like to major in?

I haven't decided yet but I am very interested in journalism, business, and marketing.

What do you bring to the team off the field?

I bring a dedicated, determined and enthusiastic student, who enjoys going to class everyday.

In the locker room? I am looking forward to bringing my personality and loyalty as a friend, but also a teammate they can trust and relay heavily upon.

On the field?

A player that coaches and teammates can depend upon but more importantly a player who is going to come to work everyday and get the job done.

What do you need to work on?

As a football player, I am working on weight gain, strength and speed. As a snapper I am constantly working on accuracy, speed, and being consistent. As a student I am working on cutting out my ability to procrastinate. I would like to become a more efficient student.

Describe yourself off the field?

I enjoy going to the beach, tossing the rock, playing basketball, playing no limit Texas Holdem, I like to watch movies, listen to the beach boys, and I love taking naps.


I am proud to say I am the youngest of five and. I have three sisters, one brother. My two oldest (sisters) graduated from the University of Oregon, Brother graduated SMU, youngest sister is a junior at USC, and I am attending Duke University this fall. My mom raised our family and I am very close with all of them especially with my mom.

What are you most looking forward to about moving across the country for college?

I am looking forward to finding my own, maturing and becoming an adult all the way across the country not just an hour away.

What are you most apprehensive about?

The transition from high school to college. The first game against Navy, my first class and moving all the way across the country. But Once that I've played in that first game, been to all my classes and become more familiar with the campus I am sure I will be right at home.

Give a recap of your high school career.

Freshman year I played RG, Center, DE, and long snapper, Junior year I was a TE, LB, and starting long snapper on Varsity, and Senior year I just long snapped for varsity.

How did you start long-snapping, how your team finish this year?

It's been a legacy at our school for a long time; many snappers before me have gone on to play in college. Freshman year, a senior showed me the basics then I chose to take it a step further and make it a full time position. My senior year we were 5-4-1 with only 9 seniors.

Best moments from high school?

The laughs we had freshman and senior year and the friends I have made in the process.

What, if any, role did the new look ACC (adding Miami, Va Tech, and BC) play in your choice to go to Duke?

It didn't do a whole lot for me but I am glad were playing them, I am looking forward to some big upsets.

Name any honors you've been awarded over your career.

Senior year I was named Special Teams Player of the Year.

Have you toured the new football building yet?


What are your thoughts?

It is amazing; I loved it and couldn't be more excited to be working out of it everyday. A truly amazing facility.

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