Press Conference: J.J. Redick

Duke's leading scorer, JJ Redick, met the media Monday to discuss Friday's game against Illinois

Quotes from J.J. Redick's Press Conference

"I'm not really worried about what other teams are doing outside of our region. I watched the games a little bit, the last few minutes of both the Stanford game and the Kentucky game, but I wasn't really, honestly, too worried about it. I watched a little bit of the teams in our region. We've got to be more focused on what we're doing, more so than what other things are going on outside of our region in the tournament."

"Our confidence level is pretty good. I think we all think we did a pretty good job this past weekend, but there's still some things we can improve on. Our attention to detail could be better. Our energy level at the beginning of games in going to be better. So I don't think we're clicking on all cylinders. We played a good Seton Hall team Saturday and blew them out, but they were coming off a tough game Thursday night, so we can't get caught up in what we've done. We've got to focus on the next play."

"I think defensive pressure is key in any game and we're a team that likes to pressure the ball and get out in passing lanes, so we're going to try to do that no matter who we play. As far as staving off upsets, the team we're playing Friday in Illinois, they've got great guard play and their guards can really shoot the ball if they have their feet set and they get open looks. So I think our defensive pressure on Friday night will be one of the many keys to the game."

"The fact that [Coach Mike Krzyzewski] has been here so long and he's accomplished so much, it means a lot to me to be a part of that 800th game. I'm sure he's going to make it to the 900th and 1000th and so on and so on. It just shows the consistency he's had."

"With the Maryland game, it wasn't like we played bad. We put ourselves in a position to win. As soon as we met Monday morning, we watched the last four minutes and learned from our mistakes and moved on. I don't think Thursday or Saturday had anything to do with our loss to Maryland. The way we played those two games, it's tournament time. Everybody starts 0-0. What you did in the regular season doesn't matter anymore."

"I wanted to go grab a bite to eat one night over at Rick's Diner, and [Iciss Tillis] and Brittany Hunter were over there and I just sat down and we started talking about the tournament coming up or whatever. I think it would be awesome if we both could make it to the Final Four and be in a position to each win a national title. And if that happened, that would be really special. I know teams like Uconn are in a position to do that as well, but we root for those girls and it would be nice if we both did it."

"I think that last year, we had a big freshman class, but we really only had three guys in Daniel [Ewing]. Dahntay [Jones], and Chris [Duhon] that had played really significant minutes. So we didn't have a lot of established players, guys who have been through fire and done. Certainly Chris had his freshman year, when they won the national championship. But this year, Luol [Deng]'s situation, he's coming to a team with a lot of guys, my class, and Daniel last year, and Chris, who had been through a lot and know what it takes."

"From what I can remember of Daniel [Ewing] the last two years, he has picked up his game this time of year and again he's done it this year as well. I know his freshman year he had a big time game against Notre Dame in the round of 32. And last year, he was ACC Tournament MVP and played well in the [NCAA] Tournament. He made some big shots for us when the game got close against Colorado State in the first round and he's played well this postseason as well. I really don't know how to explain it other than the fact that Daniel's a winner. He was a winner in high school and he's been a winner here and this is the time of year when winners really shine and he's certainly done it in his career."

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