Press Conference: Williams and Ewing

Shelden Williams and Daniel Ewing met the media Monday regarding Friday's game with Illinois.

Shelden Williams

"I think the biggest difference for me is I'm not rushing things. I'm letting the game come to me more. I know a lot of times last year where I'd try to make plays that [weren't] there. Now I'm seeing what they'll give me and I'm reading the defense. And also I know that in order for this team to be really good, I have to hold my part."

"Seeing teams like Stanford and Kentucky, two number one seeds - everyone picked them to go to the Final Four easily, so we know that in the tournament a lot of teams are gunning for us, especially as a number one seed, so we have to come out there with a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm and we have to keep focused on what we need to be doing to be successful."

"I think these past few games, Shav[lik Randolph] has been playing very well. He's been very aggressive. He's going after things more aggressive than he had been for a good part of the season. Right now Shav's like a different person... He's putting himself in position where he's a key person on the team and we need him to do what he's doing right now for us to be successful."

Daniel Ewing

"Right now nothing's bothering me. I'm not worried about my foot. My finger's not bothering me. I'm pretty much 100 percent and I'm just going out there and trying to give it my all. Play 100 percent each game and help my teammates win."

"I've been playing with a stress fracture in my foot the whole season. That's not a simple injury. The doctors did a good job helping me to secure it where it didn't cause any further injury or break. I've been playing with that and playing with a special shoe for about five or six weeks really helped me in my ability and what I can do. And once I got the shoe off, I was a lot more comfortable out there on the court, being able to move and being flexible."

"This time of year I really try to step up my game and help my team win, and it's been successful over my college career. This time of year, I elevate my game personally, and that's what I've been trying to do these past couple of weeks."

"I'm pretty sure [Illinois will] try to get up and down. Like J.J. [Redick] said, they have some good guards in Dee Brown and [Deron] Williams and [Luther] Head and they're all pretty much fast and athletic. So, I think they'll try to get up and down and have a fast-paced game."

"Last year, I think we had a pretty good chance of winning that game against Kansas, and they were just the better team that day. They had two key seniors on their team that really came though for them, especially in the second half. And we were a little young and I think inexperience gave that game away for us. But I think this year we have a good chance of advancing. We'll see what happens Friday when we face Illinois."

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