Jon Scheyer: "I need to see Duke"

One of the midwest's top prospects in the class of 2006 has spoken with the Duke coaching staff a few times in the early stages of his recruitment. Now he's trying to guage the Devils' interest level.

Jon Scheyer is on vacation in Palm Springs, Calif. – and one thing's for certain. He earned a little time off.

The Glenbrook North (Ill.) 6-5, 170-pound sophomore put up 25 points per game this season and has not only made a case for being one of the top players in his class in Illinois – but also in the country.

Scheyer hasn't just been busy on the court; he's also been running around to a few college campuses to get a head start on the recruiting process.

A couple interesting side-notes involving Scheyer: His high school coach, Dave Weber, is brothers with Illinois head coach Bruce Weber. Scheyer also comes from the same school that produced Duke's Chris Collins.

However, Scheyer has not closed any doors quite yet. In fact, he's also got a list that includes Kansas, where he went a month ago, Marquette, Michigan, Michigan State, California, Texas and Arizona.

``I was talking to Chris at the beginning of the season a couple times and I wasn't sure of their interest level because we really never talked about it," Scheyer said. "We just talked about high school and past memories. I wasn't sure he was really interested in me coming to Duke."

``But I think I need to see Duke before I made a decision," Scheyer added. He also said that he's hoping one school in particular becomes more active.

``North Carolina sends me letters, but that's really about it," he said. "They are really the only school I'd like to really see, other than Duke, but they haven't really been recruiting me."

But Scheyer is far from content with where he's at. In fact, he said he's going to work on one small problem with his shot that should make a huge difference with the consistency on his outside jumper.

``There's a hitch in my shot and if I change it, I'll really be able to knock down almost every shot when I'm open," Scheyer said. "My shot will be much better."

Scheyer will get a chance to see where he stacks up against some of the elite players the second weekend in April at Boo Williams with his Illinois Warriors team. Then he'll also look to get some exposure at the Kingwood Invitational later in the month.

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