Press Conference: Daniel Ewing

Junior wing Daniel Ewing met the media Saturday to discuss the Regional Final against Xavier Sunday, expectations in high school, the changes in his game, and more. Read on for the full story.

On facing Roman Sato

"He is a good player, a real strong, quick player, a real all-round player. He can shoot the three real well, drive and penetrate real well and can get after the rebound pretty well for a guard. He plays hard. I saw him play a couple of years ago when he was playing with David West and they had a pretty good team. He has been a big part of this team's success."

On playing more physically as of late

"Personally, I think we have been playing pretty tough all year. We have had our games where some teams have been able to be more successful physically, but for the most part, I think we have been successful in matching the physical play of our opponents."

On comparing the expectations at Duke, as compared to Willowridge High School

"It is different because in high school, prior to us winning those championships, we had a good tradition of being an athletic program, but we didn't have the tradition of winning championships, which is what Duke has. At Duke, it is a lot different. When you don't win championships, it is almost like a letdown. We strive for the best every day."

On having more fun this season as compared to last year

"I think that we have matured and are a lot better than at this point last year. Guys are just comfortable and confident in what they can do out on the court and it just makes everyone's job easier."

On the importance of good guard play at this point of the tournament

"At this time of the tournament, every team pretty much deserves to be here. Like coach said at the press conference earlier, there are really no upsets now. A lot of guys are good no matter what conference that they are coming from or what team you may play for. You just need to be able to step up to the challenge of good players since everyone out there is going to be good pound-for-pound."

On playing tired at this point of the tournament

"We have been in these situations before, such as the game against Carolina, at Carolina, as the game went to overtime. We have been in these situations, like in the ACC Tournament against Maryland. We have been in long games that have been physical and it wears down on you. We have had success in those games and we have had our downfalls. Yesterday I think we did a real good job and were in better shape towards the end of the game against Illinois and it paid off for us."

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