Press Conference: Shelden Williams

Sophomore big man Shelden Williams met the media Saturday to discuss the Regional Final, the play of Chris Duhon, and his improvement throughout March.

On making quicker decisions now compared to earlier in the season

"Five weeks ago I'd probably try to shoot over someone's head if I didn't have the shot, instead of kicking it out. Now, if I don't feel that I have the shot I'll give it to someone cutting down the middle or out for a 3-pointer, something I wouldn't have done before."

On the pressure of being the main post player on the team

"I don't look at playing that position as pressure. The only time I really feel pressure is when I get into foul trouble, where I am not able to help my team being on the sideline. Throughout the game, I don't feel pressure. My foul trouble is the only thing that pressures me."

On playing Xavier

"They are a good team, they've been hot. Any team making it to the Elite Eight is good and playing them is going to be a dogfight. They have two great guards and a good low post player who is active on the boards."

On Duke being more finesse or physical

"We are a really physical team. We can go inside or out and that is a key weapon for us. Being physical and keeping it on the boards and in the low post, we are all very physical."

On Coach Krzyzewski during the NCAA Tournament

"He's a different coach during this time of year. He's been here before and knows that every possession of the game means something. He knows that you have to execute every time down the court. He is very critical of the small plays. This time of year, one play can cost you the game and he understands that."

On playing with foul trouble

"If I get in foul trouble in the first half, I try and stay away from those quick fouls early in the second half, where I still want to play aggressive and not try and let up where my opponents think I am worried about my foul trouble. I try to play aggressive without letting up. Fouling out during the Maryland game in the ACC Tournament was one of the big disappointments for me this year. I have to be out on the court for me to help my teammates. If we are in a position where we go into overtime, I need to be out there on the court."

On Chris Duhon

"He has inspired us a lot. He's a great leader and a great warrior. He's playing hurt and going out and throwing his body, diving for balls, driving to the hole and getting contact. He'll do anything for us to win. This is his last time here and he's trying to do something special."

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