Press Conference: J.J. Redick

J.J. Redick met the media to discuss Sunday's regional final against Xavier, new offensive sets, the dangers Duke will face, and the expectations being a Blue Devil brings.

On how much of a confidence boost it is to play for Coach K

"I think that it gives our team a great deal of confidence, knowing that he has been successful in the tournament before, but he is not the one that is out there on the court. We have to be the ones that have to be out there making plays. It is great to have someone with his coaching experience."

On getting the ball inside to Shelden Williams

"Sometimes he will say something in huddles, like that he hasn't touched the ball in a while and that he needs some touches to get a feel for the post. The times that I like, are when we have the ball at the top of the key and he shapes up and and screams for the ball, because he can be pretty deomonstrative at times, because he has so much desire in his voice."

On Xavier being such a dangerous team

"They are playing with a tremendous amount of confidence. If you look at the teams they have beaten in the tournament, they are some great teams. Those are great teams Xavier handeled pretty well. They are really hot right now, and maybe they are not supposed to be here, they are really hungry, which makes them a very dangerous basketball team."

On Xavier feeling they are not getting respect

"I think it is something they use to fuel themselves. Going back to what coach said, I think they deserve a better seed than a seven, they won the Atlantic 10 tournament, they had over 20 wins, this is a great team. They are the 'underdog' going into every game and I think they use that as motivation."

On being expected to make the Final Four becuase you play at Duke

"One of the reasons I came to Duke is to be in these types of situations. Duke has had a long history of being successful in the tournament and there are certain expectations for us because of the past. Each year is a different situation. I think this team has been through the battles and is more prepared to handle the expectations that are expected at Duke."

On playing against Xavier's backcourt

"They have great guards. Lionel Chalmers and Romain Sato are as good as any two guards in the country. They are similar to the guards at Illinois, but I think they are a little different. They are stronger than the Illinois guards. I felt that I was running a track meet against them last night. Going through ball screens and picks, it was the most movement that I had all year in a game. I think that Xavier will not do as much running, but they are terrific players and it will be a challenge to stop them."

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