MDAA Q&A: Shaun Livingston

OKLAHOMA CITY—With rumors swirling about whether or not Duke signee Shaun Livingston is NBA bound, the 6-foot-7, 175-pound point guard sounded off on the matter today after the final McDonald's All-American game practice in an exclusive interview with What have you been told in regards to your draft position?

Shaun Livingston: "From what I'm hearing, it's lottery. I haven't really heard anything specifically. There's a lot of rumors. I know there are teams out there that definitely like me."

Have any teams given you a guarantee?

No. I don't know what to expect. I just have to wait and see what is available for me."

You've been quoted as saying that you will sit down and consult Coach K and the Duke staff regarding your decision of whether or not you go straight to the NBA. When will that meeting take place?

"I'm going on vacation probably next week sometime, so it'll probably be that next weekend after the 18th (of April). We'll talk about the pros and cons of the NBA and the pros and cons of going to Duke as well as his (Coach K's) concerns for me at Duke or the NBA. That'll help me figure out what is beneficiary for me and my best option."

What are the benefits of playing at Duke?:

"Playing for Coach K. The stuff I'm going to pick up there, I don't think I'll ever pick up any of that stuff in my life. I know that from the simple fact that he's been coaching me on-and-off throughout my high school career. Just those little things have been big for me."

You've said in the past that you thought you needed strength, weight and to work on your shot to be an impact player in the NBA. Is that still the case?

"That's an even greater case for the NBA, but for college too. Wherever I go, I got to work on those things. Once those things happen, everything will fall into place, but I'm always trying to improve."

What are your immediate goals on the court? For your career?

"I want to make an impact wherever I go. If something happens where I go to the NBA and I have to make an impact in practice or by getting better every day, than I will. If I go to Duke, I'll definitely make an impact. As for my career, I want to be one of the top 50 greatest players. I want to be an all-star and make an impact."

How are you handling all the buzz of you choosing between Duke and the NBA?

"I'm feeling a little pressure by a lot of media and NBA guys, mainly the scouts. That's typical I think, especially for a big point guard."

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