Press Conference: Redick and Williams

Shelden Williams and J.J. Redick met the media Tuesday to discuss the Final Four match up with UConn.

Shelden Williams

"(Emeka) Okafor's a good player. He's strong and physical. I know, going into the game for me, that was a great match. He's one of the nation's best big men."

"It's not just one person you have to worry about. They have two or three people that come in, same height and kind of play the same position and they're all very athletic."

"I think there has been times when we play against teams with two big men, but this team they have about four or five big men that can play all in the same game. That's something they can throw at us throughout the whole game. This is unlike any team we've ever played."

"(Emeka Okafor) has really good timing on his blocked shots. He's always put in a position where he's going to get the block or you're going to adjust your shot. He does a great job of not getting into foul trouble that way. I know that he's a tremendous shot blocker and there's a lot of things coming into that."

J.J. Redick

"(The referees) might have an agenda for that night as far as what their game plan is and how they're going to call the game, whether they're going to let it be physical or whether they're going to let it be free-flowing. It just seems like in the tournament these officials don't know exactly how you play; they just call the game on how the game's being played."

"Connecticut is playing like the best team in the country right now. They blew everybody out in their region. None of those games were even close. They just jumped on teams right away. That's an impressive thing -- the way they score. They get up and down. They have so many different options on offense and they're pretty deep. They bring some good guys off the bench, too."

"Connecticut has a great big guy and some great perimeter players. (Ben) Gordon is one of the most talented guards in the country, if not the most talented. His skills are incredible. And (Emeka) Okafor, of course, is just a dominant big guy. So they've got two bona fide, legit lottery picks, pretty much, which is something I don't think we have at this point in time."

"It's a game people have talked about all year, whether it's my friends or other people. People come up to me and ask 'What would happen if you guys played UConn?' It's a game that the TV wants. Hopefully it will be a good game."

"It's going to be a very difficult challenge. I don't know if it's going to be the toughest challenge, but it's right up there."

"I believe if I played here four years under Coach K and we didn't make it to the Final Four, I'd be disappointed. I don't know if it would be unfulfilled because you can measure success and all that other stuff in other ways, but it would definitely be a disappointment."

"Everyday I wake up and I feel great about my shot. It's a next day, next play, next game. I'm not worried about it."

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