Boo Evals: Love, Wright, and Scheyer

Perhaps the main attraction on the first day of Boo Williams was the chance to see some major Duke targets in action back-to-back-to-back. TDD was on hand to watch rising sophomore phenom Kevin Love, junior Julian Wright, and rising junior Jon Scheyer in action. Read on for complete evaluations, and brief post game interviews.

Kevin Love -
6'8, 240 – Class of 2007

Breakdown- This kid is as good as advertised, finishing his opening round contest with 20 points and 12 rebounds. Playing around 6'8 and between 240 and 250, Love uses his thick upper body and overall strength to get position inside where he operates with a surprising amount of skill for such a young player.

Quite simply, Love was born to play in the post where he exhibited the ability to seal off his man before using a number of ball fakes, drop steps, and spin moves to score early and often. He's also the most vocal player on the floor, calling out defensive assignments to his perimeter defenders.

He's also very smart when it comes to the finer points of the game. On Friday when Illinois started pressing, he was flashing to the middle of the floor calling for the ball to create an outlet for his guards who were getting harrased. It's not the kind of thing that'll show up on the stat sheet, but it does help his team win.

Athletically, he's not Kevin Garnett or even a Tyler Hansbrough, but because he's so smart and uses his body so well, he always seems to be in the right place at the right time to get the rebound, or help out on defense.

Talking after the game, Love acknowledged that he's already been made aware of the NBA and will look at it seriously out of high school. He mentioned that it's a dream to play in the league one day. In our opinion, if this kid continues to develop his body and improves his athleticism, there's no way he plays college basketball. However, he's yet to turn 15 and a lot can happen in three years.

Still, look for Love to absolutely blow up at the shoe camps this summer. He's that good.

Julian Wright
6'8, 190 – Class of 2005

This is the other guy that stood out during the game, he's a freak of nature athletically, and reminds us of a younger Kevin Garnett with his frame and game pattern. The knock on him is his shot is sporadic, and on this night it was just off. However he makes up for it by playing with the kind of fire that is just rare of most top flight talents. He simply goes out and attacks everything while using his body to his advantage on both ends of the floor.

Some things he needs to work include his jumper (he'll probably rework his form), and some times his high energy style of play puts him in situations that can cause foul trouble or worse, easy looks for opponents.

After the game he mentioned his list is down to six with Duke, Indiana, Arizona, DePaul, Kansas, and Illinois all in the hunt. Wright also added that style of play will play a major role in his decision.

When quizzed about Duke, Wright mentioned he was hoping the interest from the Blue Devils would pick up.

"They've sent letters, but there aren't any visits planned yet. I like them a lot though."

Julian admits there is some work to do in the classroom, but he has taken the ACT and is awaiting the results.

Overall we came away very impressed with our first look at Wright. He's a good kid with a terrific attitude who is very coachable. On the recruiting front it seems like he's just waiting for the big boys to start showing him a little more love.

Jon Scheyer
6'5, 160, Class of 2006

Scheyer had a really quiet game, scoring only had 6 points, though he did manage to log five rebounds and five assists.

His reputation is as a shooter, but after the game he said he's trying to get everyone on the team in rhythm before hunting for his shot. And that shot is certainly there for him – with good looking form and rotation, he may be one of, if not the best, looking shooter in his class.

With his shot already at a very high level, Scheyer says he is looking to work on his "basketball IQ" and "becoming a more complete all around player."

The knock on him is obvious. The kid is thin. Really thin. However he's up to a hair over 6-foot-5, and he's deceptively quick, and he's savvy enough to use the strengths of his game over trying to play someone else's style (physical).

Post game he mentioned that he is heading down to Durham soon to play at Duke, and is "looking forward to seeing how he fits in with everyone there." Jon also mentioned that head coach Mike Krzyzewski and assistant Chris Collins are going to be up at Glenbrook North for an open gym on April 28th.

Scheyer hopes to have a decision made before the start of his senior season.

Stay tuned to TDD for more from Boo Williams.

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