Boo Evals: Tyler Hansbrough

The end of a long first day in the gym at the annual Boo Williams AAU Tournament gave TDD a chance to sit courtside while Duke target Tyler Hansbrough went to work.

Tyler Hansbrough
6'9, 225 Class of 2005

The first half came and went with Tyler taking himself out of the game three different times thanks to a lingering touch of the flu and a bad case of jet lag. Those factors combined to produce a quiet opening half in which he was pushed around with relative ease.

The second half was a completely different story as Hansbrough seemingly woke up and decided to play hard from that point. When he gets going, it would take a lot to stop him, and his opponents didn't seem to have it in them.

Tyler logged a number of thunderous dunks, and several big rebounds, all while hitting 12-of-14 from the free throw line. Many thought that he, after being named one of the top players in the country, wouldn't come out as ferocious as he has in the past. Those people couldn't have been more wrong.

Tyler finished with 24 points, seven rebounds, two blocks, and three steals.

In the post game he said that he doesn't know where the rumors came that Duke was on the outside looking in, he's never said anything to that effect.

Hansbrough did say that the Kentucky Wildcats would get the fourth official visit in either April or May. The fifth, and final visit will be to Duke, Mississippi State, Kansas, or newcomer Connecticut. Though he doesn't expect to take that until June before making a decision in late July.

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