Boo: Q&A With Kevin Love

It's not often that we spend two straight days evaluating a top prospect, but 2007 big man Kevin Love's game is certainly worth of all the attention it can get. The big man was once again dominant against much older competition, but this time he had a few moments to sit down with TDD for a post game interview.

A second day and a second straight double-double for the talented big man. While he was once again displaying a good touch around the hoop, the best part of Saturday's performance was his basketball IQ. The big man brought down half a dozen rebounds only to turn and fire a halfcourt outlet pass to streaking teammates for easy lay-ups.

Love's improved overall game spilled over to his team, which played many times better than they had 24 hours ago.

After the game was over, Kevin Love sat down with for a brief interview.

TDD: We noticed that you play a real physical game out there, talk about what your measurables are(height, weight, shoe size, how much you bench)?

Kevin Love: I wear a size 18 shoe, right now I'm at 6"8, 240 and I've maxed out on benching at 230.

Only 230? Dude, you're a horse.

Well, the doctor told me I stand to put on at least another 30-40 pounds and between three and five inches by the time it's all over, so I'm still adjusting and growing into my body.

How are you doing academically ??

Uh, right now I'm averaging a 3.0, I'm really enjoying math though, I just like learning about it.

What events are you going to this summer?

Man, I'm gonna be busy dude, I'm playing the Main Event, NBA Players Tournament, Las Vegas Big Time, Kingwood, plus Nike Camp.

How do you feel about all that traveling ?

I don't mind it, it means I'm competing against the best players in the country, which I love, I just love playing and i'm looking forward to putting my game up against the best in the country.

You seem to have a lot of confidence in your game, is that something that comes from inside, or is from your father as well?

I think it's a combo of both, i mean, obviously having a father who has played in the NBA helps, but i think my attitude is such that i have a drive to compete.

What has your dad meant to your development as a basketball player ? I mean, he's meant a lot, but he's not the only guy i work with, i also do a lot of work with Oregon St coaches on my game, i've been fortunate to have the fundamentals drilled into me at an early age.

That really seems to be what sets you apart from so many post guys, is just your fundamental skill set, for such a young player you really play intelligently, have you always played that way ?

Oh yeah, I mean, I've played the top guys in the country since I was in fifth grade, shoot, me and Tyler have some AWESOME runs sometimes. I really try to have a good solid base in my skill level, I know what I want to do when I'm out on the court, so it's just a matter of doing it.

A lot of people consider you early on to be Duke lean, how do you feel about that assumption?

I don't know, I mean, people are going to make assumptions no matter what, they assume that because I'm a top guy in my class and Duke is a top school, they automatically think I'm linked to them and that is not the case. I like a lot of schools, including Duke, but you figure I'm still just a sophomore, so, I'm just going to take my time and concentrate on my game, the rest will come.

The other rumor with you is the NBA one, would you care to address that?

I mean, the way I look at it, if you are a lottery pick when it's my turn, you gotta go, I mean, how could you turn that down?

Well, would you characterize your focus on being one towards the NBA with college being a backup option?

Well no, I mean, I'm still looking as my first option as college, but if the NBA is looking good, I'm gonna go, I won't lie…

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