Boo Evals: Brandan Wright

Though our roaming reporter was only able to catch one game from Brandan Wright and the Murpheesboro Stars, he came away very impressed with the top sophomore talent. Read on for the complete recap.

Brandan Wright
6-8, 210 pounds, Class of 2006

The first thing you notice when watching Wright is how long he is. He's a legit 6-foot-8 with nearly a seven foot wing span. In that sense he could remind you of Luol Deng with his build. However the Brentwood, TN standout says he patterns himself after Kevin Garnett. With his athleticism, quickness, and agility, he's not far off.

Unfortunately for Wright, and those of us in attendance, Murpheesboro's guards didn't seem to fit in with his game or style of play. Despite that, he scored over 20 points while pulling in 12 rebounds while playing power forward before serving as his team's point guard.

Even though he's yet to fill out his frame, Wright is certainly unafraid to mix it up in the paint on either end of the floor. Defensively he's a jumping jack who's reach causes all kinds of problems for his opponents. This morning he ended with four blocks and countless instances of altering shot attempts.

Perhaps the best thing is that this kid is a true student of the game. When playing point guard he looks to pass first, though when he's moved over to a forward spot he's certainly capable of becoming that game breaking kind of scorer.

After the game Wright rattled off a list of Duke, North Carolina, Louisville, Arizona, and Kentucky. And though he's only a sophomore, his skill level is certain to lead to talk of the NBA. To that end he just smiles and changes the subject back to his college decision.

Brandan mentioned that he's excited about Coach K's upcoming visit to Brentwood, and that it gives him extra motivation to continue to improve this summer. Being a sophomore he has a lot of time to decide, and mentioned that at this point he is "wide open" when it comes recruiting, and that his decision will take some time.

Off the court Wright is carrying a 3.1 grade point average and will be taking the ACT in September for the first time.

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