Boo: Q&A With Jon Scheyer's Parents

The final game scouted by <I></I> in Hampton, VA was the semifinal round that saw the Illinois Warriors face off against the Howard Pulley Panthers. While in the stands our roaming reporter had a chance to sit down with the parents of potential Duke target Jon Scheyer for a candid chat.

While watching their son's team roll over their opponents en route to an 18-point victory, behind Jon Scheyer's 23 points and six assists, the Scheyers spoke on everything from the recruiting process to timetables for moving forward.

One thing that I've noticed throughout the game is that you guys are very vocal in cheering for the team, you guys seem like big time fans.

Well, to be honest, we really enjoy these kids, just seeing them play so hard is great, so we like cheering for them, they are fun to watch.

What are your impressions of the recruiting process to this point?

Well, we've heard about how crazy it gets, and believe me, the amount of mail we get is astounding, but overall, we try to keep a real positive influence on Jon throughout it all. We try not to tell him specifically too much about the whole situation, but of course he does find out.

How do you try to balance the recruiting of Jon and just being parents to him?

Well, our priority is for him to be a normal kid, so we try to give him, along with the rest of our kids every attempt to lead a normal life. We've plugged them into so many different activities throughout life, it's important for us to allow him to just be a kid.

What type of stuff does Jon like to do with his free time?

Well, he's so busy these days, we had to take him off of playing basketball for a month last month, just so he could take it easy for awhile, but he really likes being a kid. He's got a girlfriend that he spends time with, he's driving now too, and he's got a GREAT group of core friends who he really enjoys just spending time with, watching DVD's, playing Playstation, he's pretty much a homebody.

You mentioned that you had other kids, are they in school already?

We've got two older daughters, Jennifer is 22, she's graduating from Michigan this year, and also Brooke, she's 19 and attends the University of Texas.

How would you characterize Jon's relationship with his sisters?

We are a close knit family, and nowhere do you see that more than with Jon and his sisters. They are just so close, it's unreal, he says all the time that they are his best friends and he truly means that, he loves his sisters with all his heart and soul, just like we do. They have an amazing relationship.

Going into the tournament, Jon had the reputation as a shooter. However, from what I've seen this weekend, he seems to be much more, especially in passing the ball, tell me, what type of game does Jon like to play?

We've heard the same thing about Jon, being a shooter, but what people don't realize is that he wants to have a complete game. He's completely unselfish and he looks to get his teammates off before he worries about his game. For instance, for his high school team last year, he led the team in assists and he came in fourth place in the State for Mr. Basketball as a freshman. Jon's sole desire on the court to help his team win, and he has the mindset of improving each day when he plays.

How does he try to improve on his game?

Jon is very focused, I will tell you that, he's just started doing a exercise program this summer and is doing agility drills and just any drill possible to improve his game. Jon is never satisfied with his game, he always wants to get better and we try to encourage him with that.

You mentioned he was on a exercise program, can you elaborate?

Well, we consulted a doctor and the team on it, and a lot of people want him to drink all these protein shakes and get on a weight program and him and the both of us feel that that is not what's best for him, he's still growing into his body and the doctor said he stands to put on between three and six inches by the time he's done growing, so with the doctor, we are really developing a program to accentuate his natural body growth.

What do you as his parents want for Jon when it comes to his college experience?

First and foremost, we realize that basketball is a very fleeting experience, so while picking a school based on it's basketball team is a way to go, for us and for Jon, we want a lot from the school he chooses.

Such as?

Well, we want him and us to have a good relationship with the coaching staffs first before he makes a decision, we really want him to go to a family environment, one where the coach not only is going to help him improve his game, but also one who will help him in his growth into manhood.

It's been reported that Duke is beginning to recruit Jon pretty hard. Can you elaborate on that?

Coach Collins has talked with Jon several times, not really too much about basketball though, the conversations he's had have more centered around what they have in common, both being shooting guards, both attended Glenbrook North HS, and other things. We don't really know as much about Duke, but once we go down and check out the school and get to know them better as a school and a program, then Jon and us will have a better idea of our feelings toward Duke.

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