Telep: Pump & Run - Day Two Checklist

<b>HENDERSON, Nev. –</b> Mario Chalmers took his game to another level on Saturday. While Chalmers was busy boosting his stock, a few other guards took a swipe at the national spotlight.

Day Two, Pump & Run Spring Classic

2005 Checklist

Mario Chalmers, PG, AK/NV Pump & Run: There's something to be said for scoring 67 points in his final two games on Saturday, including a 40-point effort. Chalmers took his game to a new level offensively and threw it into overdrive. He's the dominant guard at this event and clearly one of the elite in America.

Henry Dugat, PG, Houston Select: Quickly rising up the point guard charts is scoring whiz Henry Dugat. After averaging 28 points a game this year, it's time to breakout nationally and that's what he's done this weekend. In one game Saturday he had 28 points and showed the speed and scoring ability of a high-major player. He's ultra fast, has range and has no idea how good he can be. If this shy young man can play aggressively all the time then the sky is the limit.

J.P. Prince, PG/SF, Memphis Pump & Run: Prince did everything he could to bring his team back in the game we saw. He's a 6-5+ guard and he wants to play the point. His court vision and passing skills will allow him to play the PG in college and a wise program will see that he's got the tools to do it. The finger roll in traffic was the icing on a 14-point, 8-rebound, 4-assist effort.

Jordan Wilkes, C, Pump & Run: He's a legit 6-10 and is the possessor of a variety of skills. He's got decent touch to mid-range and is comfortable playing in the paint. He's a skilled player who isn't afraid to hustle. The question with him is how fast will potential meet production?

Lamar Falley, PG, AK/NV Pump & Run: His opening morning effort produced 21 points and he did a nice job of sharing the basketball. If he can make 3's on a consistent basis then his recruitment will take him higher. It's likely to begin at the Mountain West level and proceed from there.

Austin Swift, SG, WVBC Elite: He's a confident shooting guard who made 4 3s en route to 14 points in a game on Saturday. That's a fairly pedestrian stat line but here's a young man who will get all kinds of mid-major looks and could even be slightly higher with a nice spring. He rained 3's on this occasion and has some HM's evaluating him at this juncture.

2006 Checklist

Phil Nelson, SF, Portland Panthers: He's officially on the map. For the second evening in a row, Nelson went on a binge from downtown. We're talking catch and shoot 3s from deep with a few head coaches in the house. He's a big time big sophomore wing after this weekend.

Tyree Thompson, PG, Compton Magic: Yep, he looks like a Pac-10 guard. He's fast, strong and really good with the basketball in the open floor. And, for good measure, he appears to shoot it well enough to keep defenders honest from downtown.

Jerel McNeal, SF/SG, Mean Streets: He's one of Chicago's finest young prospects. The 6-1 sophomore is very, very athletic. He'll sky in traffic to grab tough rebounds. He works the glass and slashes to the bucket. Coaches want to see him hit his jumper, but for now he's a solid high-major prospect with a big upside.

Joevan Catron, PF, Mean Streets: Right now, he's a little undersized but he's young and only knows how to play one way: all out. He really gets on the glass. He'll get traffic rebounds and finishes strong.

2007 Checklist

Tyrone Shelley, SF, EBO #2: If shoe size is even close in terms of youth and the indication of future height, Shelley's going to be huge. This ultra-athletic wing has some huge feet. He's put up solid scoring numbers here and there's reason to think he's amongst the elite in his class. He's long and acrobatic.

Brock Entner, PG, Southwest Rebels: His AAU coach is a former Colorado Buffalo who had a few cups of coffee in the NBA so he's got a feel for talent. This 6-0 freshman is hard nosed and competes. He's got a little shake to his game, loves to penetrate and trusts his stroke. He'll be one to watch.

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