Livingston Meeting With Coach K Today

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski and members of the Duke coaching staff will be in Peoria, Illinois this afternoon to meet with All-American Shaun Livingston. There they will be discussing Livingston's immediate plans regarding the NBA Draft, among other things. <i></i> had a chance to speak with Shaun's grandfather on the eve of the visit to get an update on where the 6'6 floor general's thought process is.

Frank Livingston basically raised his grandson after Shaun's parents got divorced when he was in elementary school.

So it's safe to say that Shaun Livingston will likely use his grandfather as a hefty barometer when it comes time to make a final decision on whether he will go to the NBA or attend Duke.

If Frank Livingston has his way, his grandson will be in Durham in a couple months.

``My opinion hasn't changed," said the 74-year-old. "It's Duke and it's always been Duke. This is about more than money to me. I waited until I was 70 to get a good pension and I figured I could be happy. I want Shaun to be happy, too, and nobody's really talking about his happiness. They equate money and happiness and it doesn't work that way."

``I think he'll go to Duke," he added. "I really do. I've never, for a second, believed he won't go to college. I am confident he'll do that and I have enough confidence in myself that I'll convince him to do that if I have to."

Frank Livingston doesn't believe Shaun is ready physically for the NBA, but that's not the primary reason why he feels his grandson should go to college for a year or two.

``Kobe and some of these other guys give me great concern," he said. "If the money was so good, they wouldn't be having all these problems. I think Duke's the best place for him and I think he'll be happier if he goes to Duke."

The elder Livingston is looking forward to Wednesday's scheduled meeting between Mike Krzyzewski and Livingston.

``I don't know if he's made up his mind already or what," Frank Livingston said. "I imagine that when Coach K leaves here, I'll know exactly what he's going to do. I'll give him my advice."

``I'm going to tell him about all the friends he has now," he added. "He only has them because of the possibility of making all this money. I feel good about myself because I'm not waiting for him to sign a contract and making anything off him. I could die tomorrow. There's no rush for him to go to the league."

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