A Waiting Game For Duke and Livingston

At this point there isn't much more anyone can say when it comes to Peoria standout point guard Shaun Livingston's college decision. After meeting with both Mike Krzyzewski and Johnny Dawkins on Wednesday afternoon, the 6-foot-7 floor general is now left with the final decision on attending school or going straight to the NBA.

"It'll probably be done in a week or so," Shaun Livingston told TDD. "I think I've gotten as much information as I can from the people I can trust."

While many believe that information begins and ends with his immediate draft position out of high school, Livingston says there is much more to consider.

"I want to be an impact player when I get to there. My dream is to have a chance at being the Rookie of the Year and to be an impact player like Carmello [Anthony] and LeBron [James] were."

According to many reports, Livingston's 175-pound frame probably won't allow him to make those dreams a reality immediately. Many published reports citing NBA scouts indicate that he's at least a year or two away from being able to contribute on a night in and night out basis over an 82 game schedule.

Still being a pure point guard who happens to be 6-foot-7 makes Livingston a hot commodity around the league, which accounts for his high projected placement. However at least two members of his family are adamantly against a jump to the league.

"I want Shaun to be happy, too, and nobody's really talking about his happiness," Shaun's grandfather Frank told TDD earlier this week. "They equate money and happiness and it doesn't work that way."

Meanwhile Reggie Livingston, his father, told the Peoria Star Journal [Full Story] that he also wanted his son to attend college.

"He needs to go to Duke, to get his education and so Coach K can teach him how to be a leader," said Reggie. ""It's not about money. I'm tired of the rumors that I want my kid to go pro, that I want his money. I don't need Shaun to make the NBA. I love my son. I'm happy."

With increased speculation that freshman forward Luol Deng is considering foregoing his final three years at Duke to enter the draft, Livingston could have an opportunity to step in an make an immediate impact for the Blue Devils much as Deng did during the 2003-2004 season.

"If he did go pro, then I could probably come in and do some of the things he did last year."

The deadline to declare for the NBA Draft is May 10th.

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