Telep: Kingwood Final Day Checklist

<b>HOUSTON –</b> How about those Georgia Stars? Guys stepped up all-tournament long for them. Here are some final thoughts from the Houston-area.

Kingwood Classic, Day Three

2005 Checklist

Billy Humphrey, SG, Georgia Stars: He played the hero role in the championship game as he drilled 3s and met the challenge. In only his second AAU event ever, Humphrey took his recruitment up another level. High-majors are contemplating making a move on him after the 20 in the title game.

Louis Williams, SG, Georgia Stars: Though Oden's size negated his dribble-drives in the championship; he put the scoring load for the Stars on his back and took them to the title game. He wisely understood that Humphrey had the hot hand in the finale and unselfishly handed him the offensive keys to the Stars machine.

Terrence Williams, SF/PG, H-Squad: While playing in the lower bracket playoffs, Woods continued his ascent upwards with an array of deep 3s and athletic offensive plays. He hit a 3 to tie a game and his confidence is sky high right now. He can play three positions but its best of you don't handcuff him to just one.

Jeff Green, PF, D.C. Assault: While John Thompson looked on hoping to hold onto his commitment, Green won over admirers in the stands. At 6-8, he runs extremely well, has enough offense to play at the high-major level and has a little explosion as well. Outstanding weekend effort from a potential 5th year prospect.

Jay Brown, F, Georgia Stars: Up until a sub par championship game, Brown really elevated his stock on Sunday in the eyes of college recruiters. He looked much more active and even athletic than he did at the Boo. In the title game, there was too much size inside for him to do much. Still, he had a heckuva Sunday run.

Carl Swanigan, PF, Blessed IJN: The big fella is up to about 340 and that's too heavy. "C-Note" can be a big time player if he ever gets serious. He's bounced around a little bit but the one constant is that he can play. He's got range (seriously) and touch inside. It's all up to him.

Jerel McNeal, SF, Mean Streets: He's a physical and athletic wing play who just wears you down. Some guys have a knack for being around the ball and making plays; McNeal is one of them.

Amir Johnson, PF, L.A. Stars: There's no doubt, he's a big time talent. He does a nice job with his touch around the hoop and his size and athleticism have to be accounted for.

Josh McRoberts, PF, Spiece Indy Heat: The Duke-bound big man has filled out his frame nicely. He's much stronger than a year ago in the upper body. However, the strength hasn't translated into points. His offensive game was slow to come around in Houston.

2006 Checklist

Greg Oden, C, Spiece Indy Heat: You have to remember that inside the body of a future lottery pick still resides a young sophomore. He looks like a man, but he's still a kid and sometimes kid tire too. After a near dominant effort in the first half of the title game, Oden wasn't able to muster the energy to chase and block shots in the second half and that changed the complexion of the game as the Stars grew confident that they could meander their way into the lane.

Mike Conley, PG, Spiece Indy Heat: A lefty, playing with a brace on his wrist, Conley improvised in the title game by making two shots – one of them a 3 – with his RIGHT hand. Enough said, this young man can play the game.

Daequan Cook, SG/SF, Spiece Indy Heat: He's the highest level high-major prospect in our book. Had they won, he might have been the MVP of the whole deal. His offense is big time and he's such a versatile player.

Thaddeus Young, PF, Memphis: All the hype we've heard about him is true. Blessed with size, athleticism and scoring tools, he's a big timer. Soft finisher or athletic slashes, the guy is the real deal.

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