Livingston In The Draft. For Now.

The news broke around lunch time on Monday. Shaun Livingston was entering his name in the NBA Draft, leaving Duke with just eight scholarship players on the 2004-2005 roster. Is there still any hope that Shaun will pull his name out and head to school? At least one family member thinks that's exactly what will happen.

"I think he's just testing the waters," said Reggie Livingston. "I think in the end he'll go to school. He knows he's not ready yet."

Still Shaun Livingston took a big step towards the NBA when he submitted his paperwork to the league office on Monday. However, by not hiring an agent the 6-foot-7 point guard left the door open for a collegiate career in Durham, however slim the crack.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. I want my son to go to college. I know my dad feels the same way," said Reggie. "I just know he's not ready, and his family knows that. He'll regret it if he goes through with this, and it'll hurt him in the long run."

As soon as his name was entered, Livingston began getting offers from teams interested in testing the Illinois floor general against his top point guard competition.

"I know they want him to come down to compete in Atlanta against Jameer Nelson and Ben Gordon. I think we'll all learn a lot in those match ups because those guys are proven, and they aren't close to the kind of players he'll face in the league. It may be a big wake up call."

The announcement, which came with none of the fan fare of fellow prepsters such as JR Smith, came as a bit of a shock to the Livingston family, though a sit down is being scheduled soon.

"We haven't had a chance to sit down with him just yet," said Reggie. "We'll do that tonight or maybe tomorrow. We're going to be low key with him so he doesn't make a decision that he will regret. A lot of people are going to try to bug him over this, but we're going to sit down with the people who have his best interest at heart when the shock has blown over for everyone."

The low key approach was echoed by Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski according to the elder Livingston. Leaving the reaction open to interpritation.

"He was supportive of his decision, but I think in his heart he still thinks Shaun will come to college. He knows what it takes to be in the league and I think he knows what can happen in the workouts."

Perhaps, but what kind of odds would Reggie give for his son to pull his name out and head to the world of March Madness?

"I think at worst it's 50/50. He's being told he's a top 10 pick, not the top five lock everyone reports, and that doesn't include the foreign players, so after he works out and gets a measuring stick against proven players we'll know a lot more."

This message is not only being trumpeted by Reggie, but also Shaun's grandfather and guardian, Frank Livingston.

"He should go to school to mature and learn how to become a man from Coach K. He needs to mature for a year. At least. It's not like he can't go to Duke still. I think he'll end up there in the end."

Livingston is set to graduate from Peoria High School on May 20th and will then be taking part in numerous workouts and other pre draft evaluations. He has until June 17th to solidify his immediate future.

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