Miles' Recruitment Is Big Time

C.J. Miles entered the spring feeling he had something to prove. Point made. The Dallas Skyline wing is now one of the most sought after players in America.

Everyone who follows high school basketball recruiting heard the whispers. There's a kid out of Larry Johnson's old high school in Texas that is pretty good. C.J. Miles is his name and he's a stud. But until he did it on the national circuit in April, no one was really sure.

"I guess I'm just showing people that it wasn't just a bunch of hype," Miles said. "Nobody actually knew who I was."

They do now. In fact, as Miles assimilates himself to the AAU-style of spring ball, his reputation continues to grow on almost a daily steady climb. Regardless, he hasn't even reached his potential … yet.

"I have to get used to playing in these tournaments," Miles said. "Last year in the tournaments I played in I didn't have to play as hard as I could every game because we might have three good games and then a blowout game. It's a big turnaround for your body to have to play at that level for that many games."

Simply put, Miles' recruitment is one of the most big time situations in the country. Head coaches – not assistants but head coaches – from Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Texas, North Carolina, Baylor, SMU, Oklahoma, Illinois, Arizona, Boston College, Texas A&M, Kansas and Arkansas were in to see him during the last period.

Colorado's Ricardo Patton was on his way but his plane got stuck. He sent an assistant. So did Duke.

Miles' star rose so quickly, that one coach who participated in the NCAA title game made him a priority shortly after the loss. "[Coach Hewitt] came in right after the game they played against Connecticut. He came in either that Tuesday or Wednesday morning."

Though he doesn't have a leader Miles has been impressed by a few schools. "The best people I've talked to have been Baylor, North Carolina, Texas and Kansas. Those guys really talked and broke it down. They talked about how their program was, who they were recruiting and who was going to be there at my spot.

"Everybody is going to talk about academics, but they broke everything down. Coach Barnes used flashcards to break down who was in the program. Coach Williams gave me a sheet with the roster with who it would be in the year I came in. Coach Drew, he just broke it down."

Finally, file this away for future reference. Generally, we don't subscribe to package deals because they tend to contain more lip service than substance. Having said that, Miles hinted that he and South Oak Cliff junior power forward Kevin Rogers are extremely tight.

Miles said that most of the schools that went by to see him have stopped to chat up Rogers too. He said the pair talks about going to college together often and UConn was the only school that hasn't seen him but has talked in person with Rogers.

The two are teammates on Team Texas and it's certainly an interesting note to file away. Miles won't be taking any official visits in the spring as he's set to take the SAT in June.

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