Love Weighing All Options

Reggie Love is four days from receiving his degree from Duke University in Political Science, but the uncertainty surrounding his future remains. More to the point the 6-foot-4 receiver wonders if football will be a part of his professional career.

"Right now it is a wait and see process, a couple teams that have interest in me have told me their rosters are full right now so they are evaluating what they need and if what they have will get the job done for next year. If they do I'm out of a job and will probably explore options in the CFL or I might take a job and start working. If someone needs a receiver I'm still available," Reggie Love told TDD Monday. "It is kind of scary to have this uncertainty, but I am not overly concerned about it."

Looking at his long term goals Love has a number of things he would like to do and accomplish, but for now he is looking to exhaust his resources and abilities to play football. However he also has a few corporate career leads in the state of Florida.

After four years at Duke, it is the people Reggie Love will miss most.

"People like Chris (Duhon), Darryl (Scott) and all kinds of people that I have come to know. I won't get to see my friends as much as I am used to, and as much as I would like. It is the real world now. I'm on my own now. One door has closed but another is opening."

After growing up in the Charlotte area, Reggie's family moved to the Pinehurst, North Carolina area when he departed for Duke. This past summer his family relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado where they currently reside.

"I am really close with my parents, me and my dad are like best friends, making this move was something they really wanted to do so I am excited for them. He has been around (Duke) so much for me since I arrived here and he has sat through some rough losses and I appreciate it a lot, but him missing a few games this past year wasn't that big of a deal."

Love has yet to have an opportunity to visit his family's new home in Colorado, but they have returned to North Carolina several times to visit him.

As a freshman at Duke, Reggie Love went from one extreme to another in sports. The Blue Devils went 0-11 on the gridiron in 2000, but then Love joined the 2000-2001 basketball team which ended up winning the national title. Love played a key role for the Blue Devils when Carlos Boozer was sidelined late in the season with a broken bone in his foot. He filled some key minutes for the Blue Devils underneath the basket in the regular season finale win at North Carolina as well as being a key contributor in the ACC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.

"It was definitely a special time, I was happy I was fortunate enough to experience it. It was rough for a lot of the football players I came in with to not win a game until our junior year and I had won a National Championship. The experience really made me appreciate the talents that God gave me."

Surprisingly football was the last sport Love picked up as a youngster, "I was always a baseball player from the start" explained the 6'4 Love, "then I picked up basketball, and then football."

Love has been in communication with his teammates who have been drafted and is anxious to get an opportunity to join them in an NFL camp.

"I have spoken to most of the guys who have signed like Chris Douglas and Alex Wade but we haven't spoken too much about the process of making a team yet."

Stay tuned to TDD for more updates on Duke alumni looking to break into the pros.

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