Chat Recap: Dave Telep

National recruiting analyst Dave Telep joined <I></I> in our chatroom last night for a Q&A session on a number of topics related to Duke's recruiting efforts in the class of 2005 and beyond. Read on for some of the more notable quotes.

On recently released C.J. Giles of Miami:

I think he winds up going closer to home. Dad seems to have a big say in what he does.

On C.J. Miles – 2005 SF:

I love CJ Miles. He'll be the single biggest riser when our rankings come out in the very near future. -- Miles is a super athlete who is just tapping his potential. Duke has only sent assistants out and that has them in no better than 5th place right now. The rest have sent the head coach out.

Will Greg Paulus play only hoops at Duke:

There is no question: Paulus will play just hoops. He has never hinted at much else. However, he did joke around and say that he thought he could be the best QB on campus

Martell Webster's leanings at this point:

Webster has made it clear that Arizona is the team to beat for him. That much we know.

Will Duke rethink their recruiting strategies?

I think so but that's the case around the country. I know that you can't feel great about recruiting guys like Keith Brumbaugh and maybe even to an extent a kid like Miles. Who knows what happens after a summer on the circuit. You NEVER EVER know.

Is anyone an early entry candidate for the NBA out of high school next year?

I don't even want to go there yet because these kids aren't even ready to be talked about in that light. Ask me in three months. I'm sure someone gets the bright idea by then. Honestly, I'm not even sure who the top prospect in the Class is. It's such a weird year.

Is Nelson a four year player at Duke?

I think so.

On Seattle power forward Jon Brockman:

Brockman is probably 6-foot-6. He took his shirt off at Boo and basically made me see the battle scratches and bruises he got after just one game. The kid is going to have issues scoring against bigger players but he won't get outworked.

On fellow Duke interior target Tyrell Biggs:

I think Biggs' size is really impressive. His ball skills are coming around and he's now a PF as opposed to a center two years ago.

On Duke's interest in Micah Downs:

Duke and Downs would be a no brainer. He's their style player. They almost have to offer him now just because there might not be another player in the class that resembles him.

Is the Duke mystique is still strong on the national front?

Of course the Duke mystique is strong. Why wouldn't it be? They did play in another final four this year.

Thoughts on Julian Wright:

I must profess my love for Julian Wright. His game is missing a key component but he's a stat stuffer with rare athletic ability and is multi-positional. I love him.

What is he missing:

It's a common fact that Julian is not a shooter. He's an athlete but not a marksman. If he had that element to his game, he'd be scary. Now, I'm told he was making Js last weekend in Indiana and that is a promising sign.

On Duke commitment Josh McRoberts:

McRoberts is a rebounder and shot blocker now. His offense, at least in the games I've seen, has not come around much. I would like to see him score the basketball more. It's time he take that part of his game and expand it.

What kind of impact do you think David McClure can have at the ACC level?

I think McClure plays a role at Duke. Maybe he's not a starter but he gets some burn because 1) he's smart 2) he can shoot and 3) he's going to work his tail off

Top five in the class of 2005:

Hansbrough, Webster, Hendrix, Mitchell, Brumbaugh. Now, my Top 10 will be very much a new product!

Where are paulus and Josh roughly in the rankings?

Paulus some where in late Top 20 and McRoberts could be anywhere from 20-35

Do you rank stars based on talent in the class (i.e. player is 5 star one year but 4 star in another class) or just relative to past players?

Special players are going to get 5 stars. Bonafide HM's get four. We will be adjusting those values in the coming days. There won't be many 5 stars this year. Maybe 15 at most.

Your thoughts on Jon Scheyer?

Scheyer is coming along. Still waiting for that big time breakout effort but his jumper is solid and once he fills out up top he'll be good off the bounce

What does DeMarcus Nelson need to work on to adapt to college ball?

Shot selection and understanding the structure of the offense will be his big transitions in college.

Where can David McClure help out the most?

McClure is a versatile wing. I would never call him a banger but he's not totally finesse either. He's a player.

Is this Shavlik's breakout season, finally?

I hope so. The kid has gone through a lot. I believe in him and I know he can be an outstanding player. I really hope this is his season.

Where is Malik Hairston going?

At this point, I'd think Ohio State and Oklahoma with Michigan still trying to make a late charge would be the teams.

How about Kris Humphries in the NBA?

I do not see him being a high impact player but I think he plays for a while in the league.

Livingston's immediate impact?

Livingston's immediate impact is tough to gauge. However, I am a believer that his long term impact will be significant.

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