Boateng Ready To Listen

While he's considered one of the top centers in his class, and he's got nearly every high major program looking at him, Eric Boateng knows he's got a long road ahead if he wants to make a huge impact on the collegiate game accordint to TDD's recruiting analyst Clint Jackson.

Eric Boateng 6-10, 227 lbs Center

NBA this. NBA that. Will he go? How high will he go in the draft?

Yup, we all heard these comments from several fans and even some recruiting guys this weekend. And you know what?

I got some ocean front property in Oklahoma for sale too.

It's gonna be awhile before we have to worry about these things from Eric Boateng. So go ahead and tuck those thoughts in the bed, pat 'em on the head and say good night 'cause it ain't gonna happen. And if you wish, please archive this piece and save it if you think I'm wrong.

I dare you.

Anyway -- back to Boateng. This was our first look at the 6-10, 227 pounder from St. Andrews in Delaware. And he's exactly as described.

LOADED with potential.

The slender big man has amazing agility. AMAZING.

It's been awhile since I've seen a man of that size move so quickly from block to block. And he's got a motor too. Always moving his feet, always waving his arms and hunting blocked shots like his life depended on it. He gives good effort.

His length, high shoulders and long arms are the prototype for a big man. He provides a big post target and his oversized mitts swallow up the passes into the interior.

But that's where the now ends and the future begins.

He's not a great post scorer. Yet.

He's not a great rebounder. Yet.

And he's not as aware of the court as he could be. Yet.

You see, in my opinion, Eric Boateng is very appealing as a prospect. And I think he's got a tremendous upside, but I think it's going to take a good amount of time to see this young British center develop into a monster.

He's got to get stronger. He needs to add some weight. He's got to learn that while showing how nice his touch is from the perimeter -- he's hurting his team.

When talking to Boateng, he's easy to like. Very personable, engaging and honest -- he WANTS YOUR OPINIONS on his game. He's all ears and I think he really takes the critique to heart. And this attitude will serve him well in the age of kids who think they're the next coming of Shaq, KG or even Tim Duncan.

This is a kid who knows he can be good. And this is a kid who WANTS to be good. And this is a kid who is ready to LISTEN and be coached into becoming the man that we all know he can be.

And you know what? That's real refreshing.

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