Frank Livingston Holding Out Hope

Frank Livingston is still holding out hope that his grandson will come to his senses and realize that his best option is not the NBA.

Livingston, Shaun's 74-year-old grandfather, admits he isn't sure whether his grandson will pull his name out of the NBA Draft or not.

``Shaun is an intelligent kid," Frank said. "It's just up in the air, though. I hope he's finding things out."

What Frank is referring to is the fact that Shaun Livingston is being prodded to go straight to the NBA by newfound friends and other people looking out for their own best interests – rather than that of the 6-foot-7 point guard.

``All this is coming true," Frank added. "Exactly what I said eight months ago. All these phony friends. The question now is whether he'll find happiness with all the money. That's the question he needs to answer."

``He has phony friends now and will eventually be betrayed by them," he continued. "They all tell him to go to the league and they're only telling him that for one reason: Money. Every agent is telling him the same thing. If they tell him to go to Duke, they all get zilch. I'm just hoping he's figuring all of this out."

The elder Livingston admits that it's basically the Duke coaching staff and him against virtually everyone else.

``I don't need anything from him," Frank said. "Coach K doesn't need anything from him, either. He'll be fine whether Shaun goes to Duke or not."

``With the way greed works, whether he slips in the draft doesn't matter to all his "new" friends," he added. "Whether they get 35 cents or a million dollars, it doesn't matter. They aren't concerned about Shaun. They'll take whatever they can get."

``Shaun told me he wants me to see him play in the NBA," he said. "I can wait for him to go to Duke. Education is more important then money. He's going to make money no matter what he does – as long as he doesn't screw up."

Which, to Frank Livingston, means never stepping foot in Durham.

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