Paulus Heading to France

Greg Paulus will leave the country (well, except for Canada) for the first time this today – but this won't be a family vacation with sightseeing, tours, etc.

The Duke-bound point guard will play for the USA National Elite Team, which also features guys like Shannon Brown, Malik Hairston, Keith Brumbaugh, Rudy Gay and Derrick Caracter, in Douai, France.

``It should be a lot of fun," Paulus said. "I'm looking forward to playing against good European competition."

Greg Paulus will return to the U.S. on June 14 and won't have much rest, having to take New York state exams that entire week and then again the week of the 23rd.

``I'll have to study while I'm in France and that won't be a lot of fun, but you gotta do it," Paulus added.

Paulus recently returned from the Tournament of Champions, where he helped lead a depleted SRAP team to the semifinals, where they were blown out by the Spiece Indy Heat.

``He had too play too much time," Dave Paulus said. "Basically the entire time for six games. He was worn down and looked like he didn't have much left."

Paulus and his father, Dave, had initially hoped to visit with the Blue Devils staff while in town – but that didn't happen because they played until Sunday afternoon.

``I talked to Coach K on the phone after we lost," added Paulus, whose team took an 11-hour ride to and from the tournament.

Paulus said that he speaks to the Duke head coach almost every week and they have established a great relationship.

``I call him like I'd call anyone else," he said. "That's the way the relationship is going. It's not a big deal to pick up the phone and call him anymore."

Paulus said this time playing at Cameron was much less chaotic than a year ago – when he had yet to make a decision and was being pursued by both Duke and UNC.

``Last year it was crazy," Paulus said. "I didn't really get to enjoy it as much as this year. I really felt at home playing there."

Paulus will play in a couple of camps – the U.S. Development Festival in Colorado and the adidas Superstar Camp in Georgia – as well as a few more summer tournaments with SRAP – including the adidas tournament in Las Vegas in late July.

Paulus was originally hoping to participate in the Elite 11 Quarterback camp in California, which overlapped with the basketball tournament in Las Vegas, but now it appears as though he won't be going to the prestigious football quarterback camp.

As for Paulus' future on the gridiron, he hasn't completely closed the door on playing college football – but it appears extremely far-fetched that it'll ever happen.

``His main concern is to be the point guard at Duke," Dave Paulus added. "He isn't thinking about anything else. Whether that changes when he gets to college, who knows? He hasn't ruled it out completely."

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