Five Early Schools For 06's Ellington

Wayne Ellington goes to high school in Merion, Pa., while his idol, Kobe Bryant, called Lower Merion home prior to making the jump straight to the NBA.

It's not just the fact that the duo grew up so close to one another that has drawn Ellington comparisons to the Lakers star.

The 6-4, 185-pound Wayne Ellington, a rising junior at Episcopal Academy (Pa.), has a smoothness to him that evokes memories of Bryant.

``A lot of people say that," Ellington admitted. "I don't really know about it, though. The first time I heard it was back in the eighth grade. I was real excited back then because he's my favorite player."

Ellington is making his own name, though, as one of the elite players in the Class of 2006.

The one-time Daniel Boone High (Pa.) star averaged 18 points per game in his first year at Episcopal, but it having an up-and-down spring and summer while playing with the Playaz Basketball Club.

``My coach, Jimmy Salmon, said I was the best player on the team at the beginning of the year," Ellington said. "But now I've shied away from it. I need to put up more shots. I've been a little too passive lately."

Ellington has five schools that have separated themselves at this point, but he's still a ways away from making a decision. In fact, he doesn't expect to do anything until about a year from now.

Right now it's North Carolina, Duke, Arizona. Kentucky and Wake Forest.

``Duke has a great program," said Ellington, who admitted that the Tar Heels were his dream school while growing up. "They are so successful and have such a good academic program, also." Ellington will be busy in July, beginning with a trip to the adidas Superstar Camp in Suwanee, Ga.

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