Telep- NBA Camp: Day Two

<b>RICHMOND, Va. –</b> O.J. Mayo spent the day running roughshod through the NBA Camp. Joining him in the evening was Eric Devendorf and guys like Uche Echefu made their presence felt.

Day Two, NBA Camp

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Eric Devendorf, SG (evening session): After watching two days of camp, this is the guy that continues to standout. He's getting to the rim when he wants, making his 3s and defending. He's got a rep as a big time scorer and that usually means that a guy takes a lot off shots but that's not the case. In fact, his shot selection and efficiency have been a few things that have made his performances so impressive. His game hasn't been loud the last two days but it's been big time.

Uche Echefu, C (evening): There's a little buzz about him, especially after the last session of the day. Basically, his athleticism and body get him places and now he's beginning to really look like a player. He's added some post moves to go with his frame and he's thinking like a player. Good day for him.

Bobby Frasor, PG/SG (afternoon session): Normally, when he's not with his high school team, Frasor gets cast in the role of shooting guard. It was that role that led him to an offer from UNC but on Sunday, playing his natural position of point guard, he was solid.

Frasor was able to hand out a few assists, run the club and looked very much like a high-major point. He had the speedy Jovan Adams on him, and he never relinquished the basketball. Now, Frasor's normally ridiculously reliable shot has been off the mark a tad here and we'd speculate that the maybe playing the PG has something to do with that. We'll monitor his progress and check back later. Bottom line: he's a big time guard.

Cyrus McGowan, PF/C (afternoon): After a morning skills session in which he did a nice job in the individual work, he continued to play well in the noon game. McGowan has been able to fly under the radar somewhat because he's switched AAU teams. There's no question he's undervalued. With his size, post defense and some explosion, he's a bonafide Top 100 recruit.

Tasmin Mitchell, SF/PF (afternoon): Our current No. 1 senior might have a tough time holding onto the top spot in the class through the summer. However, that doesn't mean he's not an outstanding prospect. In fact, the one thing – shooting – which he needed to improve upon appears to be an area he's strengthened. We counted 4-for-6 from the outside, including a 3-pointer in the early game. He was burning it up from mid-range.

Davon Jefferson, PF/SF (evening): When a guy who isn't known for his stroke makes a pair of 3's – one was a buzzer beater – in same game, you know it's his night. Jefferson freed himself on the baseline and did some work. There are good athletes here but few with the springs that Jefferson has that allows him to shake loose when he needs to.

Lewis Clinch, SG (evening): He's listed way too generously at 6-3 and is much closer to 6-2 but the guy can play. He gets to the rim and shoots it too. It's not difficult to see why high-majors are very, very interested. Clinch might be able to play some combo guard and we hear football could be an option as well.

2006 Checklist

Gerald Henderson, SG/SF: With his father looking on, Henderson made his move on Sunday. Offensively, he was outstanding. He had a big time throwdown in transition and shot the ball well. He elevates on his jumper and is very comfortable with the trigger from mid-range. He's been consistently excellent here.

Keith Clark, F (evening): He's listed at 6-9 but not accurate. Regardless, there's no denying his game. The guy takes smaller players down to the blocks and drills deep 3-pointers with regularity. He's a bonafide Top 25 prospect in his class and his versatility to go inside and outside is a big time asset.

2007 Checklist

O.J. Mayo, SG (afternoon): Guys like Mayo play under such scrutiny because of the hype. That's why it's particularly impressive to see a player of his stature make such a commitment to defense. Mayo was getting steals and blocks in the noon game. Now, everyone wants to compare him to LeBron and that's not fair. But, the one area he does compare favorably with James is passing. He's unselfish, sees the floor and doesn't force in bad passes.

Bill Walker, SF: Bottom line: he's an athletic freak with a skill package. Another big day for one of the best players at camp. His 24 points is the highest total so far in any single camp game.

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