NBA Camp: Mayo, Bell, Semrau

The Father's Day portion of the NBA Player's Association Camp saw one of the bigger match ups quickly covert from a battle of the titans to a coming out party of sorts for a rising junior. Then there was the usual big time performances from the cream of the 2007 crop.

While class of 2005 standouts Tasmin Mitchell and Bobby Frasor were expected to be the highlights at noon on Court Five, it quickly became apparent that the trio of junior to be Richard Semrau, and 2007 standouts Keegan Bell and OJ Mayo were the ones to watch.

O.J. Mayo: 6-foot-3, 185, SG

After seeing Mayo for the second time, I'm convinced that this kid is the real deal, and that his reputation is well deserved. While he's an absolutely tremendous talent as a scorer, today he showed off the ability to ‘get his' within the flow of the game without Kobe-esc and disrupting his team's offensive philosophy.

Mayo's on the same team as Frasor, fellow freshman Taylor King, and Tasmin Mitchell, so there's no shortage of talent or scoring power around him. Still he manged to finish with 11 points – all coming without throwing up one ‘bad' shot, making terrific passes, and executing the pick and roll to near perfection.

Besides his offensive game, OJ had a very good defensive game – logging four steals and serving as one of the lynchpins in his team's trapping defense.

With such a big reputation preceeding him, it seems that everyone tries to raise their game to make a name off Mayo. However OJ continuously responds with the cool of a veteran who's content to let the game come to him. All in all he's done nothing to vacate his throne as the nation's be player in the class of 2007.

Richard Semrau: 6-foot-9, 215, PF

When you first catch a glimpse of Richard, your first guess is that he's another big forward who is fascinated with the idea of stepping out to the perimeter. However, once he takes the court you realize that's not even close to being an accurate assumption.

Semrau checks in at 6-foot-9, and a rock solid 215 pounds (though that will probably increase as he fills out his frame), and yet he doesn't have the look of a bruising big guy ala Shelden Williams, or even Greg Oden. However, looks can be deceiving, and in this case they certainly are. From the opening tip he went to work on his opponents – showing off a pretty spin moves and turnarounds while absorbing, and almost relishing, contact on the defensive end as he battles for loose balls, and rebounds.

He finished the afternoon session with a very impressive 12 points, eight rebounds, and numerous deflections and alterations, which yielded one clean block and several opponents' missing. Keep an eye on this one, he's got all the tools to be a big timer.

Keegan Bell: 5-foot-11, 170, PG

According to another analyst in attendance this weekend, this 2007 point guard is already on the Duke recruiting radar. After watching him against some older peers, it's easy to justify the early interest on behalf of the Blue Devils.

He's certainly small, and doesn't seem to have any interest in talking when he's on the court. But that's probably because his game does the talking for him; in fact his game screams high major talent.

Bell already has one of the quickest crossovers on display here, but it's his body and ball control that separates him at this point. He routinely gets into traffic and somehow finds the open man with relative ease, not to mention a laser of a pass. And while he loves to make his teammates' stat lines grow, he can also fill up the stat sheet thanks to a smooth looking jumper that's accurate to around 22 feet.

What was most surprising, for a freshman, was his willingness to direct his teammates on the floor with defensive assignments, and generally running the show, and being another member of the coaching staff on the court. He'll certainly be one for Duke fans to remember.

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